Monday, July 15, 2013

SNTFM Cycle 2: Phootshoot 5 & Scores

I got 1st! It was on my birthday too. lol

Photo Quality =27.5/30
Model Appearance = 28.5/30
Model Pose = 27/30
Creativity = 28/30
Overall Photo = 27.5/30

Total: 138.5/150

Judges thoughts:

I like that my eyes go directly to William and I can see his execution of his expression while still giving me model. Although the quality is a bit off, this is my favorite photo of the group. Great job!

You really did pull of your expression. William does look very serious. I do feel that his hand is somewhat distracting and that his expression would have had more of an impact without it being so close to his face.

I can really feel your presence in this photo. Looks great!

OMG! I can't believe I got 1st on this photoshoot! When she gave me solemn as my emotion, I was like WTH?! -_- It's not much of an expression. A serious kind of sad look. Didn't have much to work with. It was driving me crazy that it had to be so simple. So I chose a pose that wasn't too simple, but simple enough to work with. Then played around with natural makeup and added the required tears.

It didn't take long. I did redo it once, but that was because the makeup and background  color was off. Was pretty easy.

Now I'm in the finale. I never thought I would be in the finale of this. High fashion comps aren't usually my thing. I thought I would get eliminated this round actually. lol Wish me luck! I'm going need it with 1 other finale being due at the same time. o_o

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