Saturday, July 6, 2013

SNTFM Cycle 2: Phootshoot 4 & Scores

I got 2nd again despite not having a computer beforehand and having to do it all in one day! OMG! I don't know how I did it, but I did. I'm in the Final 3! I can't believe it! :D
And see my piccie is a lot wider than usual. It's clickable.

 Photo Quality = 27/30
Model Appearance = 27/30
Model Pose = 28/30
Creativity = 28/30
Overall Photo = 26.5/30

Total: 136.5/150

Judges thoughts:

William looks very trendy in his outfit. I think your pop of color was done great. I also love William's posing and hair really completes the overall look of his photo. Great job!

This really is a stunning photo. Love the pose and William’s hair! Oh my. Gorgeous. I had to deduct some points unfortunately for two things that caught my eye. Number one is the platform that is unfinished and the second one is the distracting glow on the jacket to the left. Otherwise, stunning shot! Great job!

Wooooooooooooooo!!!! I made it! I made it to the Final 3 and I wasn't in the bottom! Bwhahahaha!

Thankfully the host gave me two extra day to do this picture. As the days drew out, I began to wonder if I had to drop. I almost did on the last day of my extension, but like clockwork I got my computer back! :D So I did this picture within mins of hooking everything back up. Literally right after hooking everything back up. I even put ink in my printer while looking for boutique related CC.

When I did turn the game on, I had no idea what I was going be dealing with graphic wise. I knew that my settings would be slightly changed. For one I could only play my game in a shorten screen format (black bars on both sides) as my old graphics card couldn't handle it, but this one automatically fit the whole freaking screen. My screen is huge! After adjusting my eye balls and tweaking the screen size just a bit, I loaded the game and got to work in my new larger screen CAS.

I did have a different outfit in mind for William. He was suppose to be dressed kind of preppy-like actually, but I changed my mind once I plopped him down on my rushed set and decided to give him a more urban trendy look. I also wanted something clear cut on his clothes to be my required pop of color, so I chose to use a very smexy jacket from Uni instead. Then I decided to use plaid pants for a more striking visual and this awesome hairstyle I had downloaded awhile ago.

As for the setting, it was a simming miracle I found the shop/boutique stuff so quickly. It was the fastest set building I ever did. I'm surprise it wasn't more wrong with it. lol

I also manage to find a decent pose pack and just happen to use this pose at this angle. This is the only picture I got like this.

Well to cut to the chase, I turned it in with hours to spare! :P If they had replaced my hard drive or anything, I would of been screwed. Thankfully it was just the graphics card and everything was intact when I got it back.

Now that I'm in the final 3, I'm going have to make sure everything is pretty much perfect. The next assignment looks kind of hard in it's own little way, but I found the appropriate cc makeup. I just need a good pose/facial expression. Wish me luck. :)


  1. I'm confused.....according to that video, the winner had a score of 134. Your score was 136.5 so how did you not win?

  2. Ohhh Hippie! No the person was in the bottom 3 and got to move on with her score. She wasn't the winner. The winner is never in the videos, so the only thing she won was another chance. xD

    If you can catch it in time before they move on, look here for scores:

  3. Oh, I see it now. Well, congrats on second place! You do a nice job in those comps. I don't have the patience for that. Good luck on the next one....maybe first place will be your's. :)


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