Saturday, September 29, 2012

The Odd Couple Cycle 1 Finale Pic + Scores! So who won?

Not me. I got 2nd, but I'm still happy. Look how much I improved! :D

Arnie + Maggie by Pink - 54/60
Runner Up:

Congrats Pink! You did a great job in this competition, and thank you for sharing your Maggie and Arnie's story with me!

Friday, September 28, 2012

OMG!!! I fix my blog template myself! HA!

Well it seems like it's fixed on my end. Is it for you? My template designer is still broken after almost a month. If I go back into template designer to fix anything, my shiny background will go bye bye again. So technically it's still broken. Blogger and EA should have lunch. I had a really long cursing rant about blogger BS technical team dealing with this, but I don't even feel like ranting anymore about it. Be wasting my time on a bunch of F'ing idiots.

Anyway, can you see my template? The pink and white one? I refuse to go into template designer to tweak anything. I wasted a hour of my life going back and forth getting it to work and fixing everything over again from default. I hope I fixed it. I have like major OCD when it comes to these things. Been driving me nuts! >_>

My English teacher is ancient and about that math text book....

So how is college? It started off as overwhelming, but I'm getting things done slowly. I did feel like I was going die of exhaustion yesterday as I spent most the day typing out my homework for speech communication. It's due Saturday, but I had a set plan to finish that yesterday and then get my English done for Saturday before 10pm. Everything is online now, so most my assignments are due on the weekend before certain times. Anyway, the old fart who teaches English forgot he had a class to teach Wednesday and he told us today we can ask for extension. Thank God!!! I was hoping he would do that. Now I can get some sleep and type it up with a fresh brain. Then turn everything in. :)

So why am I calling my English teacher a old fart? Because he is! He's freaking ancient!!! I saw him for the first time Monday and I was like wtf?! LOL I was really hoping he was filling in for the real teacher or he would be a really good teacher since he's been around. Not quite the case. I can't half understand what he's saying, because he mumbles his words and he has accent. It's not even really the accent, because I'm use to my math teacher accent already. He's just too f'ing old and mumbles a lot. Plus he's freaking boring! I never been bored in English till now. My math teacher is actually more entertaining then him. He's much nicer too.

Friday, September 21, 2012

† Vampire Immortality † CONTRACT- 7 Scores

Ahhhh my brain just exploded from the sheer awesomeness of getting 1st twice in a row! OMG!!!! 
1st- vid & henry - 814
Click here for the story. :)

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

2nd day of college: I'm stuck making speeches! Blah!

LOL Ok ok I went to a normal advisor today, because the guy who helped me with my classes last time was sucky and non-caring. First off he told me they weren't doing my major this year and confused the hell of me giving me speech communication. Speech communication is an mandatory class leading up to any major dealing with English. So yes people I do have the major I want, but I'm stuck with the speech crap. Agh!*sobs*

Anywhoo, the wonderful lady who helped me told me on a good path for the career choice I want and to keep to it. She also told me all the classes are full, so I can't change from 5 days to 3. To sum it up my lazy butt better deal with what I got, stop whining, and get to it. Ok, but I'm not done whining, because this blog is perfect for that. :P

Meh first day was alright I guess...

Blah I'm going try to sum this up. I have a major migraine and it's making me grumpy. You might can tell from this. :/

Despite pouring down rain, things went smoothly. I did get lost, but after asking 3 people I finally got to the actual room. Then when I got there, the teacher hadn't even showed up. Well she finally did appear and she couldn't even unlock the classroom at first. One of those key card locks. Then after waiting for another teacher to unlock it for her, we finally got to sit down.

Now she was a bit unorganized and confusing at times, but she was very nice. I just hate the class, which is my major. >_> It's nice for someone who likes to talk and is VERY outgoing, but that's not me. As much as I will try to talk someone ear off, I always end up being the listener. In rl, I'm quiet and reserved by nature. That's how I am. I did want to come out of my shell a little, but not like this. Public speaking is not for me!!!

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Ahhh my first college class is Tuesday!

Sooo yeah that whole school thing is tomorrow aka Tuesday. 0_o  It's just the 1 class though luckily.

Not freaking out as much I was. I'm actually calm with a pinch nervousness and loads of excitement. Every so often I feel like scared out of my mind, but I'm trying not to think too deeply about it.

I spent part the weekend trying to decode my schedule. I literally had to decode the thing, because it was not easy to read! FFS can they spell out days and not give them special letters? For two days I thought TR meant just Thursday. The T actually means Tuesday and the R is Thursday. I would of missed my first day if I hadn't been reading it over the other night. That would of been slightly embarrassing, which is is the last thing I need. I already feel like a idiot for calling up and asking.

Friday, September 14, 2012

† Vampire Immortality † CONTRACT- 7 Pic + Story

On comp pic roll! Seriously, no more.*faints* (kidding)

Seeing Spirits
I thought I was simply going insane the night I saw her ghost, but something had awoken inside of me that night. Despite feeding and calming down as my maker suggested, I was still seeing spirits. They didn’t always show themselves to me in human form, but on lonely nights I was home alone I could feel their presences. Every so often furniture would even float and move about. I kept quiet about it at first, hoping whatever went wrong with my mind would be set right, but things got worse.

You see we moved again to a new home in France right near a graveyard. We got it dirt cheap as it was build on an old burial ground. At first things seem to go smoothly, but on the 2nd night of our stay there I began to see things again. What made it worse, these spirits even tried to communicate with me. It was then I told Victor, my maker in great detail what I had seen and as I expected he laughed in my face. He told vampires can’t see such things and my imagination had got the best of me. I tried everything to convince him, but I might as well had been talking to a wall whenever I mention the spirits.

Things grew quiet between us as time went on with the ghost visiting me frequently. They were days I would only see one or two, but then they were the days I would see 5 or more at a time. Even Victor would be sitting in the room reading when they visited on these days and from what I gather, he couldn’t see them. I pointed at them and even told them what they looked like, but this did nothing to prove my claims. He would shrug and ignore me completely opening another book. For sometime I didn’t even understand it myself, but Victor once told me long ago that we all had something that made us special and I guess this is what makes me special. Blessing or a curse, I guess this is what makes me different from the rest.

Click the pic to enlarge! Everything is last min! Even the story. lol I'm glad I waited though, because I like this way more then previous ideas I had for his special power.  Plus it fits my story more than some random power. Still nervous about this one, but that's every assignment. xP

The Odd Couple Cycle 1 Finale Pic + Story

I'm in a comp pic sharing mood! Pic is clickable. If you haven't already peeked, my finale pic for The Odd couples Cycle 1. I have no idea who's going win this, but it was an amazing competition. :)

A World Full of Pink

Arnie's POV

Time flew by after we got married. With promotions and graduations, we didn't have much time to think about having kids. It did cross our minds a few times, but we never thought about it till it actually happened. Finding out Maggie was pregnant was the most nerve wracking and joyous moment of my life. I couldn't believe I was going be a father, but after seeing Maggie's smiling face I knew I could do it. 

Now I'm living the life of a family man with two kids. Yes two! Two beautiful daughters at that and Maggie is pregnant again for a 3rd time! Anybody else head would be spinning, but after going through this twice, what's one more! I just hope it's a boy this time. Not that I don't love living in a world full of pink and unicorns, but a boy would be nice.

"Girls go to bed! This isn't a time to play!"

"No! You said we could paint your fingernails again."

*sigh* Ok ok,...but no glitter this time."

Maggie's POV
Haha, I love my family! Poor Arnie is such a pushover, but the kids just love him. He's the perfect dad.

When I found out I was pregnant with our first daughter, I ran around the house like a crazy woman trying to figure out what to do. I just couldn't imagine us being parents. I cried my eyes out telling Arnie the nerve wracking and joyous news. He was really shocked at first, but he took it really well. I think deep down in his heart, he really wanted to be a dad. Now I can't imagine us not being parents. Having another one was a no brainier and now I'm pregnant with the 3rd. It's kind of crazy how our lives have changed. They grow up so fast too. I just hope this one is a boy, so Arnie can have a son. He's such a push over with the girls.

"Ugh now can you go to bed?"

"No not yet Daddy!"


*sigh* "I love my family. Honey you need some help?"

Thursday, September 13, 2012

Funny moments with SN...(Pic spam)

Jelly beans good for your heart, Beans beans make you... o_0

Monday, September 10, 2012

The Odd Couple Assignment 7 Pic + Scores (Semi-Finale)

I was convinced I posted this already and read scores fully, but nope I didn't. Better later than never. ^_^; 
2nd place for the semi-finale!

Arnie + Maggie by Pink - 75/90
Maggie and Arnie - 58 + 75 = 133
With our pushy friends out of the picture, me and Arnie were finally able to get some time together as newlyweds. Things did start off kind of boring when Arnie went golfting...*yawn*, but things liven up when I chose the next place!
Haha, I really don't get why Arnie was so afraid. The rock wall was awesome! It's too bad he fainted before getting his turn.
But after the rock wall and Arnie sudden nap, we decided to go down to the beach near by. We took a nice little swim and order some drinks. Now this is a honeymoon!

Friday, September 7, 2012

6 Supernaturals and Bonehilda! Let the mayhem begin!

This post may contain spoilers!
Click here for their debut.
First day in the house and poor Ethan fainted already. Fail!
I guess he fainted due the ghost floating pass him, but FFS you're a werewolf man! Get it together!

The VMA's sucked last night. Boring...

I feel like ranting today. I got up and just felt like being brutally honest. lol Please don't take offense, because I'm sure someone enjoyed it last night. Soo....

Zzzzzz oh yeah I saw the VMAs last night. I think that's what it was. Absolutely nothing happened last night. Literally NOTHING HAPPEN! I wasted 2 hours of my life to watch attention whores, teen heartthrobs, and aging artist get awards and sing the same s***t I hear everyday. I remember the day when I would watch this show and something note-worthy ALWAYS happen. Then we would be all talking about it the next day. This was the worse VMA's ever!!! It has turned into a popular contest for awards and now the stage. Even the red carpet was a yawn fest. ZZzzzz....

Meet my 6 Supernaturals! :D

No real spoilers- Just CAS shots
Last night I spent hours and hours making a Supernatural household. The vampires were already pre-made, but the rest are brand new. They are inspired by the creepiness and fun of the Addams Family. First off....

Agatha, the witch. I love love my witch!!! She's so creepy. 

Meet the rest by clicking

Thursday, September 6, 2012

2 small things I notice in CAS with SN...

The slit on this dress is insane! WTF?! 0_o

And they added nails! Squeee!!! Hopefully they add more.
Small things, but I notice them enough to take pics last night. For the most part I like the clothes and the new features. :)

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Supernatural Unnatural Pic Spam! Part 2

He's "contemplating the meaning of meaning" while brooding. lol
Full Moon time!!! 
Spoliers: Don't go any further if you haven't played and want to be surprised. 

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Supernatural Unnatural Pic Spam! Part 1

I got Supernatural and my computer didn't explode!!! :D I had one freeze, but I forgot to add the game to DEP. I think that might of helped. 

Anyway, I had a lot pics! I had to narrow it down to the best. 
*Spoilers-Do not pass go from this point if you wanted be surprised and haven't got the game yet!

My werewolf, Lucas! Reminds me of my other sims, but still very handsome. :)

† Vampire Immortality † CONTRACT- 6 Scores

I got 1st!!! :D
Click here for the story.

Just your average pic spam...

Started playing again last night and today.
Haha saw some kids singing at the karaoke bar. I thought it was adorable. :)
 But back to the main focus of my playing. Nick and Mikey are still hanging in Hidden Springs.

Monday, September 3, 2012

Boys, you're doing it wrong...

Um...the drawers are up there.

Mmmm...yummy? 0_o

Yet another Blogger rant and mess up!

EA must have some type of affiliation with them, because my blog has been broken since Friday and the s*** is still broken! My custom template will not show up, I can't edit the original blogger template, and I have to reset everything to default just to change any little aspect of this blog. I had to set everything to default and do it all over again, just to fix the font size. And no it's not the custom template, because I tried deleting that and clearing all my caches. No change. It s*** fest blogger! Now I posted a complaint on their help forums under someone having the same problem. I don't expect them to fix it today, but I hope they catch a damn clue and fix it VERY soon. I've realized I'm turning into a bit of perfectionist and it's driving absolutely insane that my blog looks like a default mess. Fix it! I'm getting really tired of making these post about blogger of all things! First the highlighting white crap and now this!

epic fail Pictures, Images and Photos

*sigh* Moving on....

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