Monday, September 3, 2012

Yet another Blogger rant and mess up!

EA must have some type of affiliation with them, because my blog has been broken since Friday and the s*** is still broken! My custom template will not show up, I can't edit the original blogger template, and I have to reset everything to default just to change any little aspect of this blog. I had to set everything to default and do it all over again, just to fix the font size. And no it's not the custom template, because I tried deleting that and clearing all my caches. No change. It s*** fest blogger! Now I posted a complaint on their help forums under someone having the same problem. I don't expect them to fix it today, but I hope they catch a damn clue and fix it VERY soon. I've realized I'm turning into a bit of perfectionist and it's driving absolutely insane that my blog looks like a default mess. Fix it! I'm getting really tired of making these post about blogger of all things! First the highlighting white crap and now this!

epic fail Pictures, Images and Photos

*sigh* Moving on....

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