Friday, September 14, 2012

† Vampire Immortality † CONTRACT- 7 Pic + Story

On comp pic roll! Seriously, no more.*faints* (kidding)

Seeing Spirits
I thought I was simply going insane the night I saw her ghost, but something had awoken inside of me that night. Despite feeding and calming down as my maker suggested, I was still seeing spirits. They didn’t always show themselves to me in human form, but on lonely nights I was home alone I could feel their presences. Every so often furniture would even float and move about. I kept quiet about it at first, hoping whatever went wrong with my mind would be set right, but things got worse.

You see we moved again to a new home in France right near a graveyard. We got it dirt cheap as it was build on an old burial ground. At first things seem to go smoothly, but on the 2nd night of our stay there I began to see things again. What made it worse, these spirits even tried to communicate with me. It was then I told Victor, my maker in great detail what I had seen and as I expected he laughed in my face. He told vampires can’t see such things and my imagination had got the best of me. I tried everything to convince him, but I might as well had been talking to a wall whenever I mention the spirits.

Things grew quiet between us as time went on with the ghost visiting me frequently. They were days I would only see one or two, but then they were the days I would see 5 or more at a time. Even Victor would be sitting in the room reading when they visited on these days and from what I gather, he couldn’t see them. I pointed at them and even told them what they looked like, but this did nothing to prove my claims. He would shrug and ignore me completely opening another book. For sometime I didn’t even understand it myself, but Victor once told me long ago that we all had something that made us special and I guess this is what makes me special. Blessing or a curse, I guess this is what makes me different from the rest.

Click the pic to enlarge! Everything is last min! Even the story. lol I'm glad I waited though, because I like this way more then previous ideas I had for his special power.  Plus it fits my story more than some random power. Still nervous about this one, but that's every assignment. xP

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