Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Supernatural Unnatural Pic Spam! Part 2

He's "contemplating the meaning of meaning" while brooding. lol
Full Moon time!!! 
Spoliers: Don't go any further if you haven't played and want to be surprised. 

And with the full moon brings epic lighting and zombies!!!

 A standoff....

 Boo nothing happen, but it looked cool.
Off to the cemetery!
 No posing involved. They were standing like this when my sims showed up. 
 Zombie fairy!

 Playing fetch with a werewolf. lol

 More contemplating....
 Fairy and a werewolf.
 Not much zombies, but ghost.

 He's scratching up a grave. How rude! 
 The full moon was over after that, but I got a few visits from zombies.
 Henry testing out the rocking chair.
 Zombies eat plants I guess.
 She turned back and my werewolf decided to make her a victim.
 She hit him with a newspaper instead. Ugh do will still have to befriend people to turn them? So stupid if so. Going need a mod to change that.

 Then after breakfast, Lucas was still a werewolf and couldn't change.
He went to put the fire out just like that.

 A fire fighting werewolf! Only in sims! 
Random shot of a witch on a broom going by.
And a zombie with a book. Didn't know zombies could read. 0_o
The proper trait.  Such a gentlemen...
 "May I bite you?"
 "No? Let me hypnotize you."

Still no? Well let me intimidate you will my vampyness!

 "Really can I bite you now? I'm starving."
 Well then I sent Henry off to a party.
 He got a bite after I cheated a bit and he read this chick's mind.
 More zombies....
 Pea shooter. Is it me or does the peashooter remind me of a pokemon?

And that's all folks! lol No not really, but I need to move on and make a real family with different creatures. Henry may be a part of this family, but I'm going make kinda of Addams family. Then move in more Supernaturals and fix up the town. Pics of that if I achieve it, will be soon. Off to do that now actually. Laterz! :)

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