Friday, September 7, 2012

6 Supernaturals and Bonehilda! Let the mayhem begin!

This post may contain spoilers!
Click here for their debut.
First day in the house and poor Ethan fainted already. Fail!
I guess he fainted due the ghost floating pass him, but FFS you're a werewolf man! Get it together!


LOL They really love plasma. xD


I was kinda mad she wasn't wearing a black maid uniform, but I got over it really fast. She's freaking awesome!
Ethan didn't think so though. He ran as soon as he saw her. So freaking funny!

Love the magic animations. :)

Playing catch with a pea shooter. Still looks like a pokemon.

Fairy tricks. Well one.

Poor Ethan! He won't even eat when she's around cleaning and washing dishes. 

New vampire altar and it's been fixed. :)
Not sure why the mailbox is sparkly, but I think it comes from sending gifts. 
Well Mary, the ghost and Ethan were finally able to eat after Bonehilda left. xP
Time to get at least two of them jobs. To be continued....

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