Friday, September 7, 2012

The VMA's sucked last night. Boring...

I feel like ranting today. I got up and just felt like being brutally honest. lol Please don't take offense, because I'm sure someone enjoyed it last night. Soo....

Zzzzzz oh yeah I saw the VMAs last night. I think that's what it was. Absolutely nothing happened last night. Literally NOTHING HAPPEN! I wasted 2 hours of my life to watch attention whores, teen heartthrobs, and aging artist get awards and sing the same s***t I hear everyday. I remember the day when I would watch this show and something note-worthy ALWAYS happen. Then we would be all talking about it the next day. This was the worse VMA's ever!!! It has turned into a popular contest for awards and now the stage. Even the red carpet was a yawn fest. ZZzzzz....

To be honest with you, I hate most the artist nominated. Rihanna is attention whore and tramp. Katy Perry is annoying and has been using her recent divorce as a ploy to become more famous. Then we have the new guy Frank Ocean, who everyone is raving about. I don't get the hype at all. I see nothing special and his voice is whinny. lol Then the rest are just meh and I could care less about anything they do. I wish artist like Florence and the machine got more coverage. Goyte only has one song that everyone loves, but he didn't even get to perform. I miss the weird wacky VMAs that catered to all ages.

Then the artist I do like are getting older and sounding the same. Either sounding the same or trying extremely hard to be young. Green Day is still trying to hold onto their youth and it's getting a bit old. Pink who I once adored, sounds the same and needs change it up. Alicia Keys sounds the same and I really wish she would stop putting Hip Hop every f'ing sound she does. Then Hip Hop is just lost cause of stupidity and the same subject being sung about over and over again. And can someone please tell rappers to pull their f'ing pants up?! I don't wanted see your underwear and you look like you're about to take a dump! lol Why is this still a trend? I don't get it.

To sum it up, I hate the music industry right now. Award shows are becoming a waste of time. Albums are a waste of money.  What happen to good music?

Now I feel much better. I can go play my game now. lol

P.S. Where was Kanye? He was in the commercials, but was no where to be seen. I hate the guy, but I was really hoping he would pop up and do something stupid. Yep it was so boring I wished he was there. Oh humanity! o_o


  1. And I love how all the news stations are trying to dig for controversy and referring to it as a wild night. Pff they must of been watching the wrong show. I knew it going be a flop, but they topped themselves this year. It's never been that boring before. Geez.

  2. I only stayed for 1D xD but that's just me lol

    1. Well of course. I knew you would. ;)


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