Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Supernatural Unnatural Pic Spam! Part 1

I got Supernatural and my computer didn't explode!!! :D I had one freeze, but I forgot to add the game to DEP. I think that might of helped. 

Anyway, I had a lot pics! I had to narrow it down to the best. 
*Spoilers-Do not pass go from this point if you wanted be surprised and haven't got the game yet!

My werewolf, Lucas! Reminds me of my other sims, but still very handsome. :)

Well till he changes anyway....

 A face only a mother could love. Yikes!
 Fairy riding a bike. :P
 An air condition unit? Seasons hmmm?
 A new plant. Still trying to figure out all the new plants uses and stuff.
 Werewolves scratch up furniture just like cats. 
 I think he hurt his back. lol
 Run werewolf! Run!

 Bad dog! Bad!!! 
I died laughing when she pulled out the rolled up newspaper! 
 This too was funny. He's sniffing her. 
 Was almost crying laughing at this point. She's scratching his belly.
Then this happen....
 I was like WTF?! He's eating like that? I really couldn't stop laughing then. EA you amused me on this one. :)

 Then I sent him off to explore the neighborhood.
 *cough cough*
 Look at my teeth!
 Scratching up the neighbors furniture is unacceptable!
 Then he went across the street to get another belly rub.

 Fortune teller wagon. Love love the music you hear when you have your sim go inside, but I was really disappointed by the fact it was a rabbit hole.
 So after exploring a bit, I realize he was low on cash and I had him sign up for the fire fighting career.

 Rock, Paper, Scissors. I got kinda happy seeing they added that. Neat.   

 Before having him go home, I had him ask the fairy to enchantment him. 
 He gave him the power to fly! :D
 Reminds me of Peter Pan!
 Unfortunately he can only fly in human form, but I was still quite impress.
 Then I realized Lucas had a extra bed and needed a roommate. Oh Henry!!!
To be continued....

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