Friday, September 21, 2012

† Vampire Immortality † CONTRACT- 7 Scores

Ahhhh my brain just exploded from the sheer awesomeness of getting 1st twice in a row! OMG!!!! 
1st- vid & henry - 814
Click here for the story. :)

10/10- uniqueness
9/10-relates to contract
10/10-photo quality
10/10-clothing relates to vampire type/and contract
9/10- vampire essence


comments- i love the ghosts, i would have loved to see more vampiness, and maybe henry more the focus as the ghosts are what i focus on , the story is good, but it'd had more emotion if the child spirit was his sister or the spirits were of all his victims

10/10- uniqueness
10/10-relates to contract
9/10-photo quality
9/10- clothing
8/10- vampire essence
Very nice use of supernatural. I love the two on the right with Victor. The story is very nice along with the many ghosts. I do feel bad that he's stuck listening to so many spirits. I can't say the background is that nice, but I think the many ghosts and the way they were posed makes up for that.

*falls over* Hell yeahz!!!!! I AM IN SHOCK! I can't believe I got 1st again. I usually flop whenever someone mentions super powers in an assignment. I think that may be a record. I don't think I can do that again, but hell yeah does it feel good. I've been so overwhelmed and in a panic all week, it's a nice little surprise for the end of the week. *dances*

So yeah this is my backup, my "Oh f I have no clue what to do", and "I'm running of ideas" idea. I wanted to do something dark, but after my previous ideas fell threw and looked terrible, I went with this one. I had this idea in the back of my head, but I didn't wanted go in that direction. I was kinda afraid it would be a bit too weird for a vampire to have the power to see ghost, but then my vampire is very tragic, so I guess it makes sense. I also didn't wanted do a repeat performance on the ghost thing, but the idea of making it more humorous helped. I've been doing a lot of dark eerie picture for this comp and adding a bit of humor with the ghost in this round seemed like a good way to go.

Finding poses in the beginning was a pain in the ass! Then the setting I had in mind was time consuming. Having SN installed was also distracting. None of the new powers in SN even helped, but what was useful  was the casable ghost option. Thank goodness for that, because that would of been a lot of sim deaths! lol Well I played around with SN's "improved" vamps for awhile, but I saw nothing that would translate well in a picture. Then after failing miserably with my other idea, I went back to the idea of using ghost and realize all the new ghost colors might be useful.

I build a small, but bright setting for a more lighter feel to my pic. Created each ghost with clothes and look in mind in ghost form. Found the pose for Henry I had in mind and got everyone in place. Henry was the only real one posing. The rest were posed the old school way, which means I waited around a couple times to get them in the right poses. The yellow and orange ghost together were annoying. The blue ghost was also a pain, but then I remembered the "Brooding trait". Those three ghost were the most important as I wanted to be the most animated. The yellow ghost also was my way of showing the humor and showing Victor was clueless to what was going on. The orange and blue ghost were dressed up to really show the time period. Then the little girl ghost may become more important in future assignments. All the ghost together though and the different colors was my unique way of adding more color to this one.

To sum it up, I'm happy how it turned out even though it was last min and rushed. My only regret is the simplicity of the setting. I could of explained the ghost better too, but oh well. I also wanted a scary looking green ghost, but he didn't show off enough detail. Then the idea of them being victims did cross my mind. I guess I should of thought about it. Ah well 1st place!

Now watch me fail miserably now I got 1st twice. Haha, not including school added in. Oh boy....

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