Friday, September 7, 2012

Meet my 6 Supernaturals! :D

No real spoilers- Just CAS shots
Last night I spent hours and hours making a Supernatural household. The vampires were already pre-made, but the rest are brand new. They are inspired by the creepiness and fun of the Addams Family. First off....

Agatha, the witch. I love love my witch!!! She's so creepy. 

Meet the rest by clicking

Well then we have her husband, Ethan. He's a werewolf with cowardly trait. Can't wait to see his reaction to zombies and when he turns. I wanted a sort of a unlikely conflicting werewolf. Male werewolves are always so manly and I thought it would be creative to go the other route.

Then we have Henry, his brother. Hehe you've seen before. 

Then we have his maker and friend, Victor. He's been in two of my comp pics, but he's always been in the back. Thought he deserved a spot and yes he reminds me of Lestat. Hadn't notice till he got in the house. >_<

Then we have Agatha's sisters:
Mary. She mysteriously drowned and blames her sister. She has necrotic and insane trait.

Her other sister, Tonks (*cough cough* Harry Potter name). She is very punk and rock & roll. She was originally suppose to be a boy, but I started messing around and got this. She likes to trick people a lot.

The next post will show them moving in. I didn't wanted put all this together and spoil the game for anyone. I figure CAS shots wouldn't spoil anything. Anywhoo, it's so chaotic checking up on each sim. It's definitely a new and fun experience for a simming control freak like myself. :P

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