Wednesday, November 27, 2019

Dead On Arrival~ Season 2- Episode 19: The Stranger

Episode 19: The Stranger
I looked out the window in my room. I could see the backyard from here and my mind instantly went back to that day. That horrible night that Grace Wallace met her end. Her screams still echoing in my mind. Screams of agony. Screams of fear. I had only fallen asleep for a few seconds, but that was all that was needed for me to be too late. Too late to save her. Too late to do anything, but yell for help and watch her helplessly. Out this very window.
“Vince would kill me if he saw me still sitting here like this,” I thought. He had told me to get out and do something today. I must admit I was spending a lot of time moping under the covers these past two days. Barely sleeping, but anchored here by an invisible ball and chain from the sheer trauma of seeing what I saw that night. If I was to ever heal or “move on”, I would have to get up and put one foot after the other. Walk back out into a world where the stuff of nightmares became real. What a hopeless existence.

Dead On Arrival~ Season 2- Episode 19 SNEAK PEEK (Late sneak peek lol)

“I’m doing this for our safety. I know it sounds crazy, but something or someone is watching us.”
-Madison from Episode 19: The Stranger
Made this pose right here with the one binocular decor I found. Too proud of it not to post it here. lol

Sunday, November 17, 2019

SCARRED- Scar makeup made by me. (Yes, after 50 years I made something. lol)

πŸ’€ SimFileShare πŸ’€
πŸ’€ 4shared πŸ’€

Inspiration: I needed some scars for my zombie story and there aren’t many choices out there for different skin colors. This was also supposed to be a simblreen gift, but I fail at time management and I’m rusty at making makeup.

So what you getting?
-Only package files included.

-The zip includes the pack with all of them in one nice file. Elder and YA. There are also files with just the single version and gender-specific files for your choosing.

-YA-A and Elders. Teens might come later depending on popularity.

-In the Blush category.

-They are recolorable and can be colored to match any skin tone. Also can be colored to look like blood. Bwhahah! Opacity can also be turned down.

-They have custom thumbnails.

-V1 and V2 female versions differ from the male version slightly because the shape of the scar changed when made for females, so I tweaked them to better match the guys. V1 versions are pretty identical.

-They are not perfect obviously.

-Hope to make another pack. Need the practice. xD

Known Issues: None that I know of. Someone can probably do these better and I honestly encourage it. I also take criticism. Just don’t yell at me, because I’m a sensitive little crab. :P

Saturday, October 19, 2019

Dead On Arrival~ Season 2- Episode 18: The Phantom

Episode 18: The Phantom
“Ready?” DJ said sounding nervous as he looked up from what looked like a cruelly drawn map.
Two days went by uneventfully. An eerie quietness and stillness had fallen over the house. Grace’s unimaginable death had affected us all. All of us grieving in our own little ways. I truly wrestled with the decision of leaving the house with everyone being in such a state, but I knew DJ needed me for our latest supply run. His mysterious friends were willing to trade for supplies and gas if we could produce some scrap metal, but to get such a thing we would have to visit the junkyard. A dangerous junkyard full of walkers according to Vince.

Monday, October 14, 2019

Dead On Arrival~ Season 2- Episode 18 SNEAK PEEK

“I saw something? Did you guys see anything?”
-Matthew Parker from Episode 18: The Phantom

A sneak peek and a leftover pic from shooting. Didn’t quite fit. xD

TBH, this is a good stress reliever for me right now.

Monday, September 30, 2019

Dead On Arrival~ Season 2- Episode 17: More Than Meets The Eye

Episode 17: More Than Meets The Eye
Narrated by Matthew

From afar I watched the proceedings. With Jones’s full permission, we held a small funeral in the back yard for Grace. Her body to be buried amongst the flowers where she breathed her last breath. I couldn’t bring myself to get any closer than the porch. The guilt was eating me alive. I was on watch. This was my fault.

Sunday, September 22, 2019

Dead On Arrival Ep 17 Blooper

I accidentally killed Matt and Nate’s dad in the flashback scene I was shooting. I don’t know how I managed to do that. πŸ˜πŸ˜‚

Death was literally on arrival. πŸ˜€

Had to share my terrible joke here too. πŸ˜‚

Sunday, September 8, 2019

Dead On Arrival~ Season 2- Episode 16: What About Grace (Part 2)

Episode 16: What About Grace (Part 2)
I spent the rest of the day cooped up in the room thinking about what Grace said. I still had chills from it. My mind just kept going over it and over it again. In between that time, Audrey brought me the plate she promised me. She talked my ear off like usual. About the gas station. About last night. It wasn’t till nightfall long after dinnertime that I actually got some sleep and even then Audrey woke me up whining.
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