Friday, November 16, 2018

Vet Tech Studying and Ear infections. RL currently.

Do you know how to pronounce pneumonoultramicroscopicsilicovolcanoconiosis? I do. I just learned how to. It's a disease caused by breathing in volcanic dust. It's one of the longest words recorded or something like that. It was in my vet tech terminology study guide. I probably will never use it, but they broke it down so I could understand the different parts of the medical terminology I'll be using. This is probably the hardest part so far, but I've made flashcards. Hopefully, it sticks to my brain soon. Hate to alter my exam schedule.

Anywhoo, I'm not here to blather about my studies to you. Just here to update you on everything going on in rl for me. As you can tell I'm really happy and dedicated to my veterinarian technician program. I've only failed one exam so far, but I retook it and got a 95. My exam grades so far range from 100 to the 80s. I haven't cheated or peeked in my textbook. The exams are open book mind you, but it's stupid to rely on that when you really do need to memorize this stuff. Won't have any text when I take my proctor exams that's for sure. I actually enjoy it though. I like ran out of flash cards this evening and I'm actually pretty annoyed I can't finish writing down the terms I need to study. I spend a lot of time studying. Especially around this time when everyone is sleep. xD

Wednesday, November 14, 2018

Bad Boys & Broads: Round 7 Pic & Scores

πŸ€ πŸ’ƒπŸ”§ROUND 7 - Steampunk PairπŸ”§πŸ’ƒπŸ€ 
Last minute literally. I almost dropped...again. Glad I didn't since I like this piccie. 😊

Caught on Candid Camera- Semi-Final Scenario

Semi-final Scenario - Night Camping
Semi Finale Scenario summed up by me- Pretty obvious. Show your sims on a camping trip at night.
Models: Nicole Riley-Payne, Malcolm Payne, & Michelle Payne
This pic makes me feel warm and fuzzy. 😊

Tuesday, November 13, 2018

RIP Stan Lee

Thanks for making up a big part of my childhood and adulthood.

Saturday, November 3, 2018

Dead On Arrival~ Chapter 25: Decayed Poll (Help Lin and Tao or Help Doctor Aaron Pinto?)

Help Dr. Aaron Pinto? -or- Help Lin and Tao?

I would say this may result in a death, but since it took me so long I may not get many votes and I have plans for these characters in the sorta reset. Whoever you choose though will result in an injury or an attitude change towards Nate. Maybe even their psyche. You decide! 

You will see what happens in Vol. 2. via flashback and dialogue. Like I said, I don’t expect many votes, but I’ll work with what I get.

Vote at >>pollmaker! All votes are anonymous at less you comment.

Dead On Arrival~ Chapter 25: Decayed (Part 3)

Chapter 25: Decayed (Part 3)
The last time I had been knocked out I awoke to the smells and sounds of a hospital ward. This time I awoke to smells of death and the unbearable shrieking of the dead. I wasn’t sure where I was. I wasn’t even sure what happened, but I knew something had happened to me. I shook my head trying to shake off the sensation of it all and I squinted trying to adjust to the darkened room I found myself in now. My head felt like it was underwater looking through someone else’s eyes and my body felt like a ton of bricks.

Dead On Arrival~ Chapter 25: Decayed (Part 2)

Chapter 25: Decayed (Part 2)
My mind was spinning trying to comprehend what we had seen. I wanted to believe that there was safety in amongst these walls. Safety amongst the darkness that lurked within, but the world was again caving in on us. Driving us away from any semblance of normalcy and security. I wanted to curse myself for getting too comfortable. For playing native when I clearly saw the writing on the wall. Was Madison right all along? Was this place doomed from the start?


“Fuck curfew!” Matthew roared.


“Oh please, Nate. He’s a teenager. Get real!”

Dead On Arrival~ Chapter 25: Decayed (Part 1)

If you need a fun reminder/flashback of the previous events click here.

Chapter 25: Decayed (Part 1)
What happened in the storage room seem to set the tone for the next two months. A cloud of tension and despair hovered over the sanctuary like a thick fog. There were more armed guards roaming the halls more than ever now and the looks on some faces seem to say it all. Something in the atmosphere had changed. Not overnight as one might assume. No, it felt like something that was long coming. That was festering long before we set foot in this place. In fact, if it was up to Matthew we would have left months ago, but things were much more complicated than that. This place had food, medical supplies, and people. Weighing our options it seemed almost idiotic to just leave, but was staying even an option?

“Checkmate!” Omar smirked moving the chess piece across the board. Two of us sitting across from each other in his room spending a lazy afternoon shooting the breeze. A welcome distraction for us both.
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