Sunday, November 19, 2017

Dead On Arrival~ Chapter 21: BloodStained

Note: This has been copied directly from my tumblr. Finished this before my computer went up. Posted via phone.

Chapter 21: BloodStained

“Noooo! Don’t! Wait!”

The gun went off without fail and the deafening sound rung in my ears. The barrel of the gun stood straight up between us as we both took hold of it while the bullet meant for Audrey flew straight up like a rocket through the roof.

So my computer finally died. Well the hard drive at least. On my phone...

So yeah my good ol Dell PC killed over the other night. The hard drive finally failed. My graphics card may have went up too. When I got it to boot up yesterday for the last time it glitched out with lines everywhere. Then I turned it off and started it again only to get the message above. So yeah it's pretty much over.  I could get it fixed, but it's too old and not worth it.

I did save everything. Everything I could. All my save files, Sims, and some cc. Also my Walking Dead Telltale Games. Only one I couldn't save was Wolf Among Us, so I gotta play that again. Meh. I need a refresher anyway for the long awaited sequel.

So no more Sims stuff for the time being. Not till I get a new PC, which will be sometime after Thanksgiving Thursday is over with around the 1st. Then I got reinstall everything, which makes me so happy (extreme sarcasm).

I'm honestly ashamed that I can't buy it myself or at least go half this time. I can't find a job no where and I'm a bit limited as to how far I can go with car issues at the moment. *sigh* My dad is buying me the PC for me though and my grandmother has offer to pitch in. Maybe one day I'll pay them back.

Anyway, I did finish a new chapter of DOA and posted it on tumblr right before things went south. What you will see will be a copy from my tumblr. Pics and all. I got it to look normal for here I think. I'm doing everything via my phone, so it's all I could to do for right now.

Hopefully, I'll be back soon to post more chapters. Kind of hoping I'm able to stay in the comp I'm in too, but I doubt it. We'll see. 😕

I'll be playing console games and writing for DOA in the meantime. I prewrite DOA on my phone anyway. Just going be slightly different since I won't have anything to visually inspire me Sims wise when I need it. I'll probably be lurking too even though my phone battery is still s**t, but I'll make it work.

So be I'll back with a less clutter and shiny new PC. Woooo! 😃

B/w if you have any desktop suggestions please drop me a comment. 😅

Saturday, November 4, 2017

Dead On Arrival: Chapter 20: The Plan (Poll included- Vote Now!)

Chapter 20: The Plan

“The only clue you got was that the code is a birthday? How are we suppose to figure that out?” I asked frustrated as I faced my brother.
After our eye-opening night, we stood now outside in what they called the yard. A fenced off concrete area baking in the sun behind the building. It was simply a false sense of freedom I likened to recess, but it was more freedom than what we had inside. We could talk about plans and ideas here without the guards listening in. Not to say there weren’t guards around, but they seem more focused on the walkers outside the gate than us or any talk about codes.

Dead On Arrival: The Latest Promo Piccies

Forgot to post these here. Since I worked sorta hard on them I'm posting them here!

Chapter 19: Heroes in Arms

Chapter 20: The Plan

Check out the latest chapters of D.O.A. xD Chapter 20 will be my next post! Yes, I actually got something done on this PC.

Monday, October 30, 2017

My hard drive is about to self destruct in 1...2...3...

HD SELF MONITORING SYSTEM has reported that a parameter has exceeded its normal operating range. Dell recommends that you backup your data regularly. A parameter out of range may or may not indicate a potential hard drive problem. Press F2 to continue.

I'm getting that lovely message every time I turn on my dinosaur PC along with other errors when running diagnostics on it. I posted about it on tumblr, but I'm just posting this here just in case you missed it. I can get past this message via Esc right now and everything works ok then, but it was extremely slow to boot up today. So much so I thought it died.

I do still have my smart phone (which needs a battery) if it does stop working. I'm still very limited with just the smartphone tho, so I really hope I can get a new PC before this one quits on me.

I have thought about getting it fixed, but it's 8 years old if not older. It would be a waste of time and my father refuses. He's like "will you please just wait and get a new one." lol He's the same way with my phone, but I'm choosing a new pc over a new phone right now.

The PC I'm looking at is about $840. It's a dell like the one I'm using. Called XPS, but not the $1000 one. I don't have many games other than sims, so I don't need anything too fancy. Just something that equals the specs of this, but maybe a little better.

I'm going see if I can actually work on DOA while things are working. I did manage to make a new banner for this blog *points at top*. I'm not crazy about the pose I used for it. I just wanted something up while I could still run sims, so you may see something different later down the road.

It times like this I need a job badly tho. I quit Mcdonald after one awful day with awful people. Haven't had any luck since. I guess I shouldn't be surprised. Everything in the city retail wise is closing up. Malls are even dying. Going to start to look like a ghost town if they keep it up. A ghost town full of jobless people. Just what this city needs. I see why people to resort to crime. 😐

Thursday, October 26, 2017

Starring Role: Finale Scores

1st Place
Vid and Demetrio Cruz with...
94/100 points - 47/50 average

Superhero Blockbuster
Batman is dead and the Justice League is nowhere to be found. Superman awakens from a kryptonite induced coma to find the streets of Gotham City and his beloved Metropolis a crime infested apocalypse. Can the man of steel save humanity before it's too late?

Gotta have Faith: The George Michael Story
 Documenting his rise dealing with his first solo album to his fall and untimely death.

Red Carpet

Yes, I won! I wooonnnnn! 

Saturday, October 21, 2017

MANLY MAN MODELLING - CYCLE 7 ~ Round 4 & Scores

1st Place (Tied) with 98/100
Round 4: Urban - Da Streetz
1st?! Wooo! *happy dances* I was pretty surprised by my placement this time. 😊
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