Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Dead On Arrival: Chapter 6

Chapter 6: The Infirmary
“It’s Nathan. Nathan Parker.” I addressed the nurse before me. I laid comfortably on a hospital bed. One hand handcuffed to its railing. “Is this legal?“

"Were you scratched or bit? How long have you been exposed?” she continued ignoring my question as she scribbled on a clipboard.
“I’m not bit, scratched, or exposed. I fell and hurt my ankle. That’s it. Its just a little swollen!”

She sighed, “Sir. I need you to cooperate. Now…. can you tell me when the last time you were exposed to the infected?”

“What kind of question is that? The infected are everywhere!” I shouted feeling a rush of anger. My mind solely on the welfare of my brother and poor little Nick.

The Vampire Chronicles Show? I'll just place this here....

happy excited gravity falls joy overwhelmed

please hope pray praying hoping

Please for the love of anything beautiful and creepy let this show become a real thing with gorgeous men I can lust over. Please let Louis and Lestat be so hot I can't think straight staring at them. Please let Armand be gorgeous too with Antonio Banderas looks (not the book description). Please please please let this happen and be the best vampire show ever! Please let it be on HBO or Starz too. Anywhere that won't water it down and make it suck. Amen!

I wasn't really praying....well sorta. This must happen. 😭

Can't think of a title. Roxie & Selfies?

As stated on my tumblr, I took the first two pics a couple months ago and the rest of the photos a few weeks ago. I think I was taking furball to the vet in the first photos. Then the last photos are after the groomers. Her ear hair grew back, so they gave her some bows.😊💗

Roxie is doing pretty good. She had a boo boo on her nose, but it's all healed up now. I think she bumped it. She also had something going on around one of her eyes, but it seem like its gone now. Might have been a style (I think dogs can get them). She needs another vet appt, so I'll have them check her little body out just in case. :)

As for me, I'm fine. Getting ready for the holidays and praying someone calls me for a job interview. I've applied to most of Baltimore and so forth. I was a little upset when Gamestop didn't call me, but I got over it. Just really disappointing and discouraging since I use to really want to wok there. Plus its not like its some fancy job!😑 I've gotten pretty desperate though. I applied to Burger King a couple weeks ago. Thinking about McDonalds now. My dad has always complained about me working in fast food, but he must smell the scent the desperation radiating from me as he mention a BK near by had a hiring sign up. lol I did apply to a casino today too, which isn't looking for experience for some positions. I hope they call me. That would be such a cool job! *crosses fingers and toes*

Other than that, I'm ready for X-mas and Pokemon Moon. 😎

Friday, November 25, 2016

I have a big announcement coming, but....

I want to celebrate X-mas and New Years first. It seems more fitting to make it at the beginning of the year. As for Thanksgiving, hope you had a good one. I did. 😃

Tuesday, November 15, 2016

OBITUARIES - Mock Obit & Scores

In a new comp! It's called Obituaries. Every assignment I have to depict a different death. I could not say no to something so different and unique!

But ughhhhh please ignore the typos and grammer in this obit. I typed this late at night and I rushed it. Plus I didn't have spell check. 😑😵 I do like how pretty the paper texture and photo looks. 😋

Anyway, I got 8th. 😅

Blogspot added emojis?!

They added an emojis tab!


 Prepare to the bombarded with them!😆✌😵

Sunday, November 13, 2016

Senior High: Model Bootcamp- A2 Scores

2nd Place
Ashley Owens

Last minute as usual, but I'm sitting pretty in 2nd again.
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