Friday, January 13, 2017

TS4 has toddlers. No this is not a drill.

Cute and they seem to be more lively than the TS3 ones. I gotta admit I'm jealous. Damn them for not making this game open world with CASt! I'm happy for ya'll, but why couldn't we get toddlers like this in TS3?! 😒

Wednesday, January 4, 2017

Senior High: Model Bootcamp- A6 Profolio Pic #1

We're allowed to add a caption/small story, so I added one. 

I brought Amber a new camera after my dangerous snooping incident and I somehow convinced her to test it out on me for my editorial photo. I got all done up in workout gear and headed down to the gym for the perfect shot. Thought it would be fitting for me to have an athletic theme pic for the first entry in my portfolio.

Senior High: Model Bootcamp- A5 Scores

My 2 days extension was not enough, but I made it in time. 😅

2nd Place
Ashley Owens
Happy with 2nd since Chell in 1st deserved it. I based my story and pic off her story. Everyone did. lol 😁 All of our stories end up intertwining since we had to include each others models. 

I gotta say this photo was pain too like the previous entry, because again extras and the setting was annoying. 😩

OBITUARIES - A2 and that's about. The comp been postponed/closed.

A2-Death By Fire
Drew had a little too much at the bar one night on Christmas eve. He came home all decked out in a Santa suit, put on some Christmas tunes, and decided to drunkenly dance with his Christmas tree. Then things became very un-merry and deadly when his tree fell into the fireplace all while he slumbered.

Sorta disappointed the comp is closed now, but I understand. Running a comp on top of other commitments is stressful. I know. Still I produced some really cool pics with this. The pic above is my favorite death pic so far. xD It also inspired me to make Drew. So it's not a total loss.

As for the photo itself, it was inspired by Christmas (duh). I was looking at my tree when I thought of it. Jendowoz was my mentor and she help me brainstorm though ideas as I was drawing a blank. The photo was pretty easy to make. The setting especially.....somewhat. I downloaded a lot Christmas clutter and the tree is cc too since the EA one had presents attached. I think the only thing that drove me crazy was getting the tree to lay down in the right spot. Oh and the fire effects were sorta annoying too as always. I did make Drew's pose myself as I couldn't find a drunk pose that sat on the floor like the above. I also edit the fur on his coat and hat, which was something new and fun. I think that's it.

Anyway, she plans on opening this up again around Halloween. I will probably not even be around or have time for it then. That's a long time. Hopefully this unique and interesting concept gets the attention it deserves. It was a fantastic comp ran by a fantastic and wonderful host, ArtsyAmy. Yes it was a little morbid, but it was tons of fun. I recommend it.

Sunday, January 1, 2017

Happy New Year! Bye 2016! Hi 2017?

loop personal fireworks happy new year hny

I don't know rather to be excited for 2017 or nervous about it. I hope 2017 brings me and everyone new opportunities. I see 2017 as a beginning of something new in my life personally. I hope to have an actual job that last longer than a few months and a healthy life full of promise. I'm really going work hard to better myself. Maybe I'll meet a special guy too along the way. :)

But 2017 means we're going have Donald Trump as president here in the U.S., so I feel like I need to build a bomb shelter or something. lol 😅😝

Anyway, I wish you all luck and love this year. Happy New Year everyone! 💗😊

Sunday, December 25, 2016

Merry Christmas from Roxie and Me!

"Merry X-mas you filthy animals!" -Drew

 Posted these on my tumblr, but I figure I should share them here before X-mas is over with. xD Click read more for Drew's scandalous antics balls of a present.
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