Tuesday, May 14, 2019

Dead On Arrival~ Season 2- Episode 12: Warning Signs

Warning: Gory image with nude zombie/walker. The naughty bits are covered up. Hopefully, it’s not flagged. 

Note: Matthew is the narrator. It becomes obvious, but I’ll give you a heads up.

Episode 12: Warning Signs
“This is fucking stupid!” Vince spat glaring at me. “It looks like it’s going to rain.”

I rolled my eyes. “I told you we’ll be in and out. And it’s not going rain!”

“It’s going to. It’s getting cloudy,” he mumbled. “And like I said this whole thing is stupid. Like why now?”

“Were you even listening? I said I think it’s best we do this now because this Jade person might come back and take the gas.”

“And I told you I hid it!”

DJ groaned. “Jesus, man! You two argue like an old married couple. Something told me to stay in the house.”

He pushed past us shooting a walker in the head with his crossbow and continued down the road. Nathan remained behind us snickering to himself. The two of us walked on in silence in equally foul moods then. Neither interested in being civil with the other. In fact, if it wasn’t for Nate and DJ we would be at each other throats.

Thursday, May 2, 2019

It's May and I'm still a college student! RL update!

Yes, still in online school for my veterinarian technician degree. 
This book has been my life for 4 months now. It's really thick and I'm at the end of it. Finally. 😫

Since I've started Biology, I've had to read like 6- 9 chapters at a time. Then I usually take an open book exam after that. It's not as easy as it sounds. It's a lot of information and searching through 9 chapters for the answer can be tedious, so it best you have a basic knowledge of what read when taking it.

I also have to participate in discussion boards, which has me basically writing a small essay about a topic and replying to other people's topics once done. It's not too bad.

Then recently I got an exam that had me writing 4 essays. Each had to be 1-2 paragraphs. Was sorta difficult, but it could have been worse. 

This was my grade for it.😃
100%!!!!!!! Some nice comments were also inserted into my grade.😊

Tuesday, April 30, 2019

Dead On Arrival~ Season 2- Episode 11: Flawed

Episode 11: Flawed
“I feel like shit,” I thought touching the back of my head gingerly. “Wait. Where’s Vince?”
I sat straight up in bed and looked around in the strange room I found myself in. I was totally alone. It was also morning now. I must have fallen asleep doing the night. The last thing I remember was Vince standing over me smiling and explaining where I was. Madison of all people had brought me here?

Sunday, April 21, 2019

Dead On Arrival~ Season 2- Episode 10: Welcome

Episode 10: Welcome
With the weight of the world on my shoulders or in this case the weight of Audrey, I walked along the road towards what they called the quintessential haven. Matthew led the way and Nathan brought up the rear watching our backs nervously. We were losing light and the darkening sky hung over over us menacingly.
Thankfully, the walk between our two locations wasn’t far. We were there before we knew it. We encountered a few corpses on the walk there, but it was a pretty tame compared to some days and I didn’t even have to lift a finger with my new companions handling the dirty work. Regardless, Audrey was my main concern. Ugly ass corpses didn’t scare me. Audrey’s head injury and silence did.

Saturday, April 20, 2019

FOCUS- And the winner is....

Me. I won!!!!
1st place baby!!!!

By one point!

Yes, I know I'm milking it. It's been a while since I won. 🤣

FOCUS- Finale & Scores

2ND PLACE (For this round specifically)
✨💫Finale-Enchant Yourself 💫✨
Wasn't necessarily happy with this, but I'm my worst critic. 😝 

Sunday, April 14, 2019

Dead On Arrival~ Season 2- Episode 9: Good Instincts

Episode 9: Good Instincts
(Narrated by Nathan)

“Aaron. Keep up! I’m not going to keep saving your ass!” Matthew yelled back at the doctor trailing behind us. “Aaron?”

We looked back to see the doctor fighting off a walker. He stabbed at it clumsily and it began overpowering him.

“Damnit, Aaron!” Matthew cursed. He ran over to him and swung his ax at the walker with one brutal blow. The walker’s head popped off like a bottle cap and the doctor fell to the ground gasping.

“You’re hopeless,” he spat staring down at Aaron.
“I just freaked out. I can never get used to those bloody things,” he said getting up and straightening his glasses.

“Well, we’re only a few feet away now,” I said cheerfully. “Just stay alert and stay alive.”

Friday, April 12, 2019

FOCUS- Round 7 Pic & Scores

🌊Round 7- Work It In The Water🌊
I sorta hated this at first, but now I'm proud of it. :P

B/w 2nd seems to be my thing. *shrugs*

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