Tuesday, November 30, 2010

I love how EA fixes one thing and screws up another

My vampire is off center when he sleeps now after the patch! Agh! This is probably going be one of those small things that bug me! I hate when things are off center!!!!

P.S. They could at least made it where another sim could sleep there!

It's there.

We've been Mare Nested!

"And yes we do blame Vidkid20 for starting all this!"

You're welcome!
Laughing Smiley Pictures, Images and Photos
P.S. It was LE idea to make them! Blame little oh me huh? xD

Don't buy the Flute Foward Dress if you have LN!

Vanity Cycle 2 "The male model edition" is a go!

lol This is the last of my comp spam here for Vanity! Sorry. xD

Next post will be a weird glitch I encoutered last night in CAS. 0_o

Monday, November 29, 2010

Modified Beauties scores for Assignment 7!

Izzy's Scores:
Quality of the photo: 10/10
Capture of the assignment: 10/10
Creativity: 9.5/10
Overall photo: 29.5/30
I loved how you showed her with people, socializing, becasue as we all know, models socialize. The Winter picture is my favorite, it's just all around cute.
I definitely love how she stands out, even among three Sims, and she stands out in a GOOD way.

Smoz's Scores:
Quality of the photo: 9/10
Capture of the assignment: 10/10
Creativity: 9/10
Overall photo: 28/30
Judge's Comments: The winter shot with the snow is probably one of the best shots I've ever seen. Definitely the best out of this whole assignment. I feel like maybe in the other you could have been a little more creative, but I really loved your lighting!

The Winter picture was my favorite also! 2nd fav was Fall. Anyway I'm in the final 2! o_0
Never would have thought it. The next assignment scares me. A lot to do and I'm kinda having a comp block for pictures. Wish me luck! I have Simiverse still too.  >_<

Vanity Cycle 1 is offcially over!!! Ahhhhhh!

Go look for yourself who won and Cycle 2 signups a little later! Wooo! Feels good! ^_^

Edit: The signup thread tomorrow.

Saturday, November 27, 2010

Not much going on huh?

First off, apologies if this blog has been a bit slow and dull. I perfer to keep out of the drama and it just seems slow around this time. I'm also trying to spend more time with my family, which keeps me away sometimes. I can't help, but feel bad though. :[

P.S. I had no idea it was 12am! 0_o

Friday, November 26, 2010

Why is she still on the foums?

Jarsie! I have been banned twice, perma-banned, and still she goes on! Yes, she has a right express her opinion and I bet their our many times where people want to shut me up as well. She just goes on and on though and continues to fan the flames. Every thread she is in turns into a flame war or a huge mess! Why? Because she continues to dicuss it and cause fights when everyone else wants it to die! Like come on doesn't that read troll to you?
trolls Pictures, Images and Photos
By the way, mods stop moving threads that are clearly against the rules and should be deleted. I was snooping the fourm yesterday on my phone and just wow at the thread I saw.

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Here's a special message from me!

Things have been a bit dull. Hopefully tomorrow break will kick up some ideas to spice things up. ;)
Have a good one and don't over eat!

P.S. No new paintings. Maybe some Christmas ones instead when I return. ^_^

Ahhh! The first cycle of Vanity is almost over!


I'm not going say who the final 2 is as they haven't seen it yet, but I'm sure they're be thrilled! ^_^ One more assignment to go! Squeeeee! My comp was a success! *does happy dance*

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Bored! More ramblings....

- Well poll results so far are: It's perfect (24%), It's getting old (62%), and Hmm...not sure (13%). Looking like I might be playing with the template again. Well maybe.

-I just finish the title picture of my new comp coming. I will not give out the name as I don't want anyone stealing the idea for their own. Anyway, it will be editing allowed as I have apreciation for editing comps. LN might be needed, but not necessary. I will start sign ups after Vanity Cycle 2 gets going. Hopefully no one has the same idea as this hasn't been done before.

-I plan on playing LN more, which more pictures and possibly another epidsode of Roxy.

And lastly....
-I'm going do some Thanksgiving paintings. Probably a set. When Thankgiving is here though, I wil be taking off. Don't worry I will be back the next day if I really stay offline. Still debating about being online at all for TS3 CC or just taking off completely. Hmmm.....

Monday, November 22, 2010

More fun in the snow! Modified Beauties outakes!

Roxy: Haha, I threw a snowball at you!

That is Max, the lead singer of my band taking his turn playing model for Roxy pic! I like give all my guys a chance. ;)

Speaking of Roxy, I need finish up that story don't I? >_<

Anyway, the snow cheat was being good to me that evening and everything was just right. No editing needed and the shirt I made was perfect! :)

P.S. I was going give her pants, but she look cute with shorts and it's her trademark. lol Good thing she can't feel it!

My Modifed Beauties entry! I did all four seasons!

*falls out* This is whay I was working on today! I will post the outakes of the winter photoshoot as they are too cute!

P.S. I may do comic strip, but the box like look does look good.

Friday, November 19, 2010

Random real life post of the day

I've been busy today and partly due my dog needing to get her monthly visit to the groomer. Anyway, while looking around Petsmart I peeped out some dog cookies for dear Roxie. I brought them and decided to give her one when we got home. Well I gave her one after feeding her and she loved them! Then out of curiosity I decided to smell them. They smelled like real homemade cookies and they made my mouth water. I did not try them, but damn the temptation! Now, I'm sitting here wanting a cookie. >_<

The new poll on the side so far....

Does this blog need a new look?
So far "it's getting old" is winning and I'm kinda split on how I feel about changing things up. Going see if the results change, but I will be making the final decision. When we hit 100000 or the year mark (which ever comes first), I will most likey be making the decision then. I might also list some of the most remembered moments on this blog as now think of it I've been through alot. I'm surprise I'm still here. o_0

P.S. Also if you been wondering what's up with the lack of polls (use to do them a lot), I don't do polls due to many people abusing things on here. Polls will only consist of questions like this and about the EA forum if I do anymore. I have to be careful what I ask.

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Does anyone notice?

How boring the forum is?
Seriously, I worry when the forum falls into this kinda slump. That's when people try stir up stuff in the blog scene so they can entertain themselves. That's also when people try pick at each other. Like if you if don't like someone, please just ignore them and don't try stir any of them into a angry fit. Like me, please stop trying to piss me off. It's not going work. I may rant on here for a day, but then I'm over it the next. As you can see this blog has been drama free and the only rant was involving my own problems that someone else caused me. Funnily enough they failed terribly as most do. Anyway, people are so freaking petty! I will never understand them!

Back on topic...when the forum is boring like this, it's also nothing to talk about. Am I only person seeing Liam actually snoring from how boring it is?

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

TS3 CC gallery still going!

-First off, I miss two emails and apologize to those who sent them. I posted them today. I'm liable to be a little late at times. Me and Em are human and I take responsibility for this one. I've been paying too much attention to the thread and not the email. Just a little late. Won't happen again!

-We added a new CC site and a new lot, so please check them out.

-Also ms3b will not be linked here anymore due to activites going on there. The trolls are getting worse and worse. Some of us boycotting them as the problem will never be fix it seems. I'm done and you can ask me why privately. It was the last straw for me. Anyway, we encourage you post things to our site. We'll not asking to completely ignore MS3B, but know they are not only cc listing site in town!

P.S. If Joe is reading this I would perfer not to be linked there anymore. I will not voice why publically, but I have my reasons.

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Oh a happier note...

I'm going try putting the mixpod back up on the side. Put only a few tracks on it and change it every week or so. That way it won't be extremely hard to manage with only a few songs.

Right now I'm addcited to a old Coldplay song called The scientist here and Pink "I don't believe you" here.

I know depressing, but I love pretty songs! I don't know where I was to miss the Coldplay song, but it's amazing! I'm not even really a fan of them, but I love that song! ^_^

Good afternoon! I'm pissed off! *Updated*

Waring: Lots of swear words! Hide the children!

Some asswipe has reported one of my files on mediafire and has gotten it deleted for copyright infringement, saying it was songs! It was pictures for FFS! Well you probably knew that you piece of shit! I'm seriously worried I'm going get banned from mediafire for this bullshit! This is not funny and completely disgusted when I read my email this morning. Someone has to report you for mediafire to actually site for somthing like this by the way. Now the download number wiped, so I can't tell how many people downloaded it and this shit is on my account! And what did I do? NOTHING! If you want to know full details, you can ask me privately. I don't want broadcast what item it was as it's libel to happen again and I will be in big trouble probably. Just why would someone go that far to upset me and ruin something so meaningless as that item was. Like come on? I'm minding my bussiness! Can you leave me alone! Give me a break!

P.S. If you got problem with me, please come to my c-box and we have at it there. Don't go around my back reporting me for stuff you fucking coward!

Update: I decided to keep updated here instead cluttering the blog with it. I did get a normal person to talk too and he's looking into it now! It's really quite dumb this ever happen, but oh well.

Monday, November 15, 2010

Are you ready for Vanity Cycle 2? *Exclusive*

The new face of Vanity and title poster......

Aha, Adam is the new face of Vanity Cycle 2. It was between him and Kalvin from For the love Roxy. Was tough picking, but I think I made the right decision.
Are you excited now? Hehe. :P
Signup soon as Cycle 1 is coming to a close. Be ready!

Ladies be ready to run...er drool!

Just in case you missed him this weekend....
So sexy a sim he makes girls (even some men) go crazy....

Comp addict loves comps!


First off, I would like to confess that I'm finding it extremely hard to ignore comps involving people I know and <3! Yes, I have joined another one! Miss Teen Simiverse this time hosted by Em. Paco and PK competing as well! I blame all of you! (kidding) lol I never modeled with a teen, so it's going be different indeed and I'm getting excited already! Can't wait! ^_^

My model:

She is a sim I made awhile ago as YA and aged her down to teen. I tweaked her mouth her little, but that was it. I love how unique she looks and that she looks kinda real. I also wanted to model with a African American female as I haven't so far. Very strange for me not too if you seen my simself. ;) Don't know why. Just haven't. Well can't wait! ^_^ I need some teen clothes, but I'm scared to download some. I've been very caution with what I download now, especially involving different ages. I know I'm going need some clothes soon for her, so we'll see. I do love the outfit she has on now. :)

P.S. If you want me upload her, I will. Thinking about it.

Friday, November 12, 2010

SR dysfunctional family

If they live in Twinbrook, we know why.
1sm020oh Pictures, Images and Photos

Aha, funny thing Mare....


I was watching Melancholy Hill, when I thought to do those paintings actually. o_0

Now that you posted this, I got this song stuck in head my now! Ahhhhhh! Wasn't even sure if liked this one, but now it won't leave!

Get the the Mare shirts to go with those paintings if anyone curious:

Thanks and now I must figure out how stop from humming this song.

P.S. I don't get the submarines or it being under sea either. >_<
Edit: Also congrats on the big 400 000!!!

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Where art thou?

I have a question. Where in the world has our Metalz, Spat AND Navek gone too?
sad kitten Pictures, Images and Photos
Sad is kitten is sad without them! :(

I loooovee my new paintings!

The Gorillaz!!!!
One of their videos came on last night and making them into paintings pop into my head! Squeeee!
I'm in love with them! Was so fun to make them! <3
P.S. Recolorable frames as always!

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

My impossible X-mas list

OT: I'm getting a new battery for my phone tomorrow. I found a place selling it half the price, T-mobile was selling it! I already got a new charger so I should be back in bussiness! I do text, lurk the forums and read manga on it, so it was sucky not having it.

My X-mas list so far...
I still want a new phone!- This is probably won't happen as I don't have the money and everyone refuses to buy me another phone.

I want the new Ace Attorney Investigation game!- It's still in Japan, but if someone could go over there, translate it and give it for me I will love you forever! Oh and while you over there, get me the Death Note game also.

And I want a million dollars!

ok, I'm done.

lol Why do I have a feeling I won't be getting any of these things! :P

Just in case you miss them!

New paintings I made at VK20 Customs!

P.S. I'm extremely excited for next paintings. ;) I'm about start some of them tonight.

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Modified Beauties Assignment 5 Picture and Results!

Been dying to post this picture!
The assignment was food and lingerie!


-My phone charger is not working and I need new battery! I did have it working enough for little things, but it's getting harder and harder to make it work. I dont have the money for another phone and I'm so sick of it! I feel like taking a hammer to it. It's has ongoing problem and cell provider has gotten so fucking cheap and petty! If they gave me a new phone they have me out their hair!

-I have put my foot in my mouth today already and possibly hurt someone feelings. I feel like a complete ass for it.

-And I am beyond tired and stressed for no reason! Not because of the many blogs I have now or my comp, but just in general.

So sum up my feelings today is meh, I want to go back to bed. If you would believe I've been feeling like this since Friday, but I've been sucking it up.

Another thing, I'm feeling it harder and harder to post something interesting on this blog. That also has me worried. Feels like I'm failing in some sense. *sigh*

Monday, November 8, 2010

Ts3 cc gallery update!

Ruthless kk, Darkslyer, Pistolkitten, SR, Dylan, AE, EvaTer and many more have contribute to Ts3 CC gallery! We even have huge tv from Nokuoro! I love big tvs! Anyway, make sure go through all the pages as we gather a lot of stuff since starting.

Liam: A vampire's death

Liam has died many times on this blog, but he hasn't died a Late Night death!

As a creator I'm annoyed!

Warning: This is a rant that's been held in for too long about cc listing sites!

Saturday, November 6, 2010

A special weekend blog post to AE!

Animated Happy Birthday Pictures, Images and Photos

Have a good one Grumpy! :P
Now back to my weekend break!

A special weekend blog post to a special someone!

Thank you for Barnacle Bay!!!!!

pirate lolcat Pictures, Images and Photos

Pirate LOLCAT Pictures, Images and Photos

I've been wanting it, but I couldn't update without screwing up my game. Had to wait for LN! Was a long wait! Yay! So happy! :D
Thank you for everything Hippie!

Friday, November 5, 2010

Hydra and Liam: If they mated!

Two well known forum figues. One a annoying nerd who pops up regularly in all to famous page. The other dreaded EA mod. Both hated and depised by all...er some! Well fate stepped in or CAS in this case and they were mated!
Yes! Be afraid, be very afraid! Meet their evil spawns!

Thursday, November 4, 2010

Rawr! Game update and other things!

A vampire I made and possible upload!

Other things:
-TS3 CC gallery wants you! Paintings, patterns, sims, houses....you get the deal!
-I will not always be posting up items on the gallery. I'm not superwoman! That's when LE comes in! Take note!
- The forum is boring, so sorry for the lack updating. Been waiting for update worthy, but nothing.

Now laterz! Have fun looking at my male vamp sim! He will make up for anything! ;)

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

New CC listing site!


Made by me and LE! It's ms3b without the trolls and wait! Email us so we can get it rolling! ^_^


Just finished and wow I'm tired! I can't believe I have another blog. xD

P.S. Sims (from the exchange and blogs), cc, and anything you made your own are allowed! Also provide us at least two pictures and the link!

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Modified Beauties- Assignment 4 and Results!

Till Death Do Us Part...

Her dear husband buried her 6 foot deep,
alive and breathing in a deep sleep.
He messed around and live the life of a single man,
but unfortunately for him, she had't forgot his wedding band.
She called to him and suddenly appeared,
and whisper the words,
Death Do Us Part My Dear
Then the room grew black and the fire grew cold.
Forever in the grip of his dead wife's hold!
Never again they grew apart, as minister said
Death Do Us Part and now he's dead.

Ep hints: Werewolves, pets, and weather oh my!

The proof is in the thread:

So sims 3 making magic? Sims 3 creature feature? Sims 3 at the beach? Sims 3 seasons?

Can't wait to see what's next! :)

Monday, November 1, 2010

Working on some stuff!

-Hamsterlover if still want your celeb simmy tell me. I did get a bit sidetracked and I'm sorry. :( I'm having hard time making her. Something is off and it's driving me crazy!

- I'm making Vampire family for my blog and the exchange. Going start filling my studio back up a little on EA site. I was refusing at first, because of the ban hammer always targeting me. So far I have no new bans on this account (Now watch that I say this, I will get email soon). >_<  Anyway, they will be vintage inspired, but pinch of new. If I can ever finish Roxy story up, I will start a vampire one with this family maybe.

-When this blog hits 10,000 hits or hit the 1 year mark, depending on how things go I will be redesigning this blog again! Might even change the banner. Debating on it as the wonderful BerrySweets made it and it's perfect really. We'll see.

- Also, please note if you request I prefer you tell me on my c-box as blogger doesn't notify when someone comments. I rarely look at the Help, say hi page, because of how busy the c-box get and other things going on. Then when I look it's too late. :( Soon I will be taking it down as I keep missing people anyway. My c-box is always open though to everyone (those who are not banned) to make request.

Oh Mares.... *updated*

Awesomesauce! My paintings have been Mare Nested!!! Thank you and your welcome! Glad you liked them! ^_^
To add I agree they do look great in game rooms and bars. :P

Speaking of not getting enough love for your cc. Remember the hoodies you made....

New sim at VK20 customs!

*click the pic to enlarge*

You may see more of him in the comp section and my modeling blog. ;)
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