Monday, November 8, 2010

Ts3 cc gallery update!

Ruthless kk, Darkslyer, Pistolkitten, SR, Dylan, AE, EvaTer and many more have contribute to Ts3 CC gallery! We even have huge tv from Nokuoro! I love big tvs! Anyway, make sure go through all the pages as we gather a lot of stuff since starting.

I'm still really nervous as it hasn't been up that long and it took me more than a month to realize my own blog wasn't going fail. lol Just how I am.

The lot in the this Mare post is here:
Very grateful to have KittyKat7147 share this with us! Hopefully the Mare crew can get downloaded soon.

Anyway, you know the link
We update daily and post anything you want up without hesitation. Don't be afraid to email us or visit our thread on the main site. :) Also thank you to everyone who has helped us get this going. Much appreciated! Let's try to keep it up!

P.S. Also many thanks to Em who has been posting stuff when I'm too lazy to get online or in most cases knocked out sleep! She's done a amazing job even with work!

Note: You can comment on this post, but for some reason I can't see it. Click title and comment I guess if you can't see the opition.


  1. awww, you're welcome Vid. *Big Hugz*

    BTW I emailed ya ;)

  2. Hey Vid, do you have a little version of the CC Gallery logo? I'd like to put it in my sig to advertise (my payment to you for putting up my simmies ^_^) but I like the banner I have so I figured something small should still fit.

    Curse EA for introducing the size limit XD

  3. I'll make one as soon as done Vanity today! :)


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