Friday, November 26, 2010

Why is she still on the foums?

Jarsie! I have been banned twice, perma-banned, and still she goes on! Yes, she has a right express her opinion and I bet their our many times where people want to shut me up as well. She just goes on and on though and continues to fan the flames. Every thread she is in turns into a flame war or a huge mess! Why? Because she continues to dicuss it and cause fights when everyone else wants it to die! Like come on doesn't that read troll to you?
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By the way, mods stop moving threads that are clearly against the rules and should be deleted. I was snooping the fourm yesterday on my phone and just wow at the thread I saw.


  1. If you mean Prettyone's thread, to be fair, Jarsie wasn't the only one offering an opinion. She did have her say and left. That thread was a mess before she got there by others offering opinions and replying back when the thread should have just died.

    I'm not defending her in anyway, and I know you don't like her. But in this case, she's not guilty.

    I ignore her for the most part, and may have responded to her once, recently. It's rare when I do respond directly to her.

  2. ^No another thread. >_< That was a mess as well, but she made it more a mess.

  3. OH! That's the only one I saw her in. I hardly ever see her, lol.

    My Bad!

  4. Haha, no worries. It's still in idea and feedback. The mods need to work for once.

  5. Every forum needs a kiss-ass troll. Just the way of the world unfortunately. You'd think that woman would be out trying to make an extra buck so she could actually buy Ambitions instead of spending her freetime acting lame on a forum frequented by people centuries younger.

    She's a T.W.A.T.

  6. Was Prettyones thread the ''Theres 6 year olds on here'' stupid thread? because while it was a bit of a mess (not really just a lot of people sharing opinions the OP was too young or stupid to understand, and sometimes people just need to be educated in how not to be a total moron), that thread should have never been created in the first place, some simmers have a total lack of common sense.

    The bad threads were the ones in the Sims and Modeling section with tonnes of derogatory comments about plus size sims, which I reported but have no idea if they were actually deleted or not.

  7. Go figure, you had the ability to have overweight sims and people act towards them like they do in real life, with a horrible "holier than thou because I'm skinny and you're not" attitude.

    And half of those people acting that way will end up overweight in the future.


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