Wednesday, November 17, 2010

TS3 CC gallery still going!

-First off, I miss two emails and apologize to those who sent them. I posted them today. I'm liable to be a little late at times. Me and Em are human and I take responsibility for this one. I've been paying too much attention to the thread and not the email. Just a little late. Won't happen again!

-We added a new CC site and a new lot, so please check them out.

-Also ms3b will not be linked here anymore due to activites going on there. The trolls are getting worse and worse. Some of us boycotting them as the problem will never be fix it seems. I'm done and you can ask me why privately. It was the last straw for me. Anyway, we encourage you post things to our site. We'll not asking to completely ignore MS3B, but know they are not only cc listing site in town!

P.S. If Joe is reading this I would perfer not to be linked there anymore. I will not voice why publically, but I have my reasons.

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