Wednesday, November 10, 2010

My impossible X-mas list

OT: I'm getting a new battery for my phone tomorrow. I found a place selling it half the price, T-mobile was selling it! I already got a new charger so I should be back in bussiness! I do text, lurk the forums and read manga on it, so it was sucky not having it.

My X-mas list so far...
I still want a new phone!- This is probably won't happen as I don't have the money and everyone refuses to buy me another phone.

I want the new Ace Attorney Investigation game!- It's still in Japan, but if someone could go over there, translate it and give it for me I will love you forever! Oh and while you over there, get me the Death Note game also.

And I want a million dollars!

ok, I'm done.

lol Why do I have a feeling I won't be getting any of these things! :P


  1. I have the Death Note game but it's in Japanese. I found it in a little shop in Manchester (UK) but I haven't been able to understand a word of it or translate it.

    Alas I'm not really into Death Note anymore.

  2. -well, the DS one. I'm not sure if there are others.


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