Friday, November 19, 2010

The new poll on the side so far....

Does this blog need a new look?
So far "it's getting old" is winning and I'm kinda split on how I feel about changing things up. Going see if the results change, but I will be making the final decision. When we hit 100000 or the year mark (which ever comes first), I will most likey be making the decision then. I might also list some of the most remembered moments on this blog as now think of it I've been through alot. I'm surprise I'm still here. o_0

P.S. Also if you been wondering what's up with the lack of polls (use to do them a lot), I don't do polls due to many people abusing things on here. Polls will only consist of questions like this and about the EA forum if I do anymore. I have to be careful what I ask.

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