Monday, November 29, 2010

Modified Beauties scores for Assignment 7!

Izzy's Scores:
Quality of the photo: 10/10
Capture of the assignment: 10/10
Creativity: 9.5/10
Overall photo: 29.5/30
I loved how you showed her with people, socializing, becasue as we all know, models socialize. The Winter picture is my favorite, it's just all around cute.
I definitely love how she stands out, even among three Sims, and she stands out in a GOOD way.

Smoz's Scores:
Quality of the photo: 9/10
Capture of the assignment: 10/10
Creativity: 9/10
Overall photo: 28/30
Judge's Comments: The winter shot with the snow is probably one of the best shots I've ever seen. Definitely the best out of this whole assignment. I feel like maybe in the other you could have been a little more creative, but I really loved your lighting!

The Winter picture was my favorite also! 2nd fav was Fall. Anyway I'm in the final 2! o_0
Never would have thought it. The next assignment scares me. A lot to do and I'm kinda having a comp block for pictures. Wish me luck! I have Simiverse still too.  >_<


  1. Ya make it sound like

    Simiverse is

    or something


  2. ^lol Very popular comp!

    And Yaaaaaayyyyy! I thought of something and turned it in! ^_^

  3. That was supposed to be hard or something, lol.

    and I saw. Great job!


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