Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Good afternoon! I'm pissed off! *Updated*

Waring: Lots of swear words! Hide the children!

Some asswipe has reported one of my files on mediafire and has gotten it deleted for copyright infringement, saying it was songs! It was pictures for FFS! Well you probably knew that you piece of shit! I'm seriously worried I'm going get banned from mediafire for this bullshit! This is not funny and completely disgusted when I read my email this morning. Someone has to report you for mediafire to actually site for somthing like this by the way. Now the download number wiped, so I can't tell how many people downloaded it and this shit is on my account! And what did I do? NOTHING! If you want to know full details, you can ask me privately. I don't want broadcast what item it was as it's libel to happen again and I will be in big trouble probably. Just why would someone go that far to upset me and ruin something so meaningless as that item was. Like come on? I'm minding my bussiness! Can you leave me alone! Give me a break!

P.S. If you got problem with me, please come to my c-box and we have at it there. Don't go around my back reporting me for stuff you fucking coward!

Update: I decided to keep updated here instead cluttering the blog with it. I did get a normal person to talk too and he's looking into it now! It's really quite dumb this ever happen, but oh well.


  1. thats seriously f-ed up. with all the shit that happens to you, i wonder if there isnt someone with some kind of personal vendetta.

    is there any way to can appeal to the mediafire staff and have someone actualy look into it. there HAS to be some kinda protection from slander

  2. I sent them something appealing it saying it pictures from google for a game and only for a game. I don't know what they will do though. My account is free, so they probably won't go all out with protection. I may have to look into another site for backup. :/

    You should see the email. Like WTH?

  3. What the hell? That's ridiculous. And pointless. What are they trying to achieve? Totally agree with Zeri on this one, makes you wonder if it is the same person doing all this to you. :/

    Surely mediafire will look at the image and realise? Especially since you've appealed. You shouldn't have to look into another site for backup, because you haven't violated any of the rules or whatever.

    It really is pathetic, and I hope it all gets cleared up for you.

  4. well if you need another upload site, i use Zshare, that one is decent. but hopefully you wont need to.

    what a coward. i cant respect anyone who attacks someone anonymously

  5. They still trying say I upload mp3 files. I'm getting very close to switching as they are truly pissing me off.

    Plenty of cc creators have use images from google so I don't why I'm getting picked on. I don't know who is trying mess with me, but I wish they would leave me be! Agh!!!

  6. Don't worry, Viddie. The person responsible is reading your blog and laughing, while I laugh at them.

    To you, insane and lifeless person. You're a joke. You probably have no friends, and if you do, you all share the same little pathetic circle. You get kicks out of ridiculing other people because you have no happiness. I just had my tonsils out a week ago and I'm happier than you are. You suck, you're useless, go away already and get back to your emo bullshit you moron.

    Viddie, you're loved, they're not, they're jealous, they're butthurt, but maybe in 20 years they'll grow up and realize that they're not as important as they make themselves out to be in their delusions of grandeur. People need a life. Need to buy one, need to find one, need to have one. What. Ever. They need one. Grow up kiddos.

  7. ^I agree! If wasn't laughing at how pathetic and sad they are, I would almost feel pity!


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