Monday, November 1, 2010

Working on some stuff!

-Hamsterlover if still want your celeb simmy tell me. I did get a bit sidetracked and I'm sorry. :( I'm having hard time making her. Something is off and it's driving me crazy!

- I'm making Vampire family for my blog and the exchange. Going start filling my studio back up a little on EA site. I was refusing at first, because of the ban hammer always targeting me. So far I have no new bans on this account (Now watch that I say this, I will get email soon). >_<  Anyway, they will be vintage inspired, but pinch of new. If I can ever finish Roxy story up, I will start a vampire one with this family maybe.

-When this blog hits 10,000 hits or hit the 1 year mark, depending on how things go I will be redesigning this blog again! Might even change the banner. Debating on it as the wonderful BerrySweets made it and it's perfect really. We'll see.

- Also, please note if you request I prefer you tell me on my c-box as blogger doesn't notify when someone comments. I rarely look at the Help, say hi page, because of how busy the c-box get and other things going on. Then when I look it's too late. :( Soon I will be taking it down as I keep missing people anyway. My c-box is always open though to everyone (those who are not banned) to make request.


  1. I still want her, but if you have problems making her it's not necessary


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