Wednesday, November 3, 2010

New CC listing site!

Made by me and LE! It's ms3b without the trolls and wait! Email us so we can get it rolling! ^_^

Just finished and wow I'm tired! I can't believe I have another blog. xD

P.S. Sims (from the exchange and blogs), cc, and anything you made your own are allowed! Also provide us at least two pictures and the link!


  1. Glad to see you have a place now.

  2. what about sims we have made that contain CC NOT made by us?

  3. That's fine. The few sims I have on ms3b are made with cc from all over the place. lol As long as you list them.

  4. I've really been trying to get my sims out there but they never seem to be featured anywhere. This'll be great for me!

  5. That's great Darkslayer. It is hard getting stuff out there. I tried MS3B and never heard back. And it'll be nice to have a place where people can get their content out there by people they know and without the bullsh*t.

    I have a sim that I'll be posting up, followed by another one. Just gotta tweak them. Need help on one. Just not going right it seems.

  6. Dark check your email! One of the links is broken! :(

    Oh and I can't wait LE! :)

  7. Well, I'm glad that you're succeeding where I didn't, as the more active adders were you and LE. Good luck

  8. Hi!
    Sounds like a great idea!:D
    I have some sims, but my launcher died, so how can I upload them without using the launcher?
    Please help! Thanks :)


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