Sunday, March 31, 2013

Happy Easter Eggs!!! :P

Hello! Just wanted to say Happy Easter! Gives me a excuse to post something new too. I'm still finding it hard post anything interesting lately. Then every time I peek at the forums, nothing is going on! So after awhile I get bored and leave. lol I did play a bit of my game today and it didn't crash, but I'm really itching to get a new computer soon. Something I don't have to worry about that will be ready for every and any new ep!

As for Easter,  I don't have any plans. I do want to see the Evil Dead. I know good holiday movie huh? lol We'll see, but I just want to go to movies. I haven't been in ages!

Great now it's late. I'm getting into habit of posting at this time. Hopefully I'll be able to get rid of my blogger's block soon. If you are wondering where I'm at, you can find me in the comp section of the forums. I'm not too far away, so I haven't went anywhere really. xP

P.S. Three words: Walking Dead Finale!!!!!!

Wednesday, March 27, 2013

So another FOB song. *makes unimpressed face*

Now MCR is kaput, it would be nice if FOB would get me excited for music again. So far I haven't got really excited or giddy. The other new song grew on me, but I still don't find it super catchy like their older songs. The Phoenix song though is a odd one. I don't like the chorus at all and it seems like it's missing something or it's too much of something. Too dramatic maybe? I miss the fun of FOB. It almost seems like they're angry now. I want to tell them to calm down and write me a party song or something a bit more lighthearted. lol I feel like I should be going nuts over their new music like all other fans and I'm not. Is it just me?

Well I hope they have another single that's better than this. I looked at their album list for Save Rock & Roll on itunes today and it only has 11 songs. One of them has Courtney Love on it and one has Elton John featured on it. Interesting. o_o  lol I just really hope they calm down for their next single. I know all videos are going be connected to each other in a story somewhat, but I really hope they cut it out with the whole dramatic movie feel.

As for the album cover, I don't like that either. I don't get it. I know it's suppose be deep, but it doesn't seem like them. Plus it's just odd. Artsy fartsy, but odd.

Oh and I miss the ridiculous long song titles! :/

P.S. An album I did buy today was Onerepublic's Native. I recommend it, especially if you're a fan. ;)

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Movie Magic: Cycle One - Mock Assignment Scores!

4th – Vid with Monica
Ahhh I got 4th. I was hoping for at least 3rd, but I guess it's pretty good for starting out. I did make a few mistakes. 

About that "one of those weeks" post...

I'm sorry I got all cranky earlier this week. While I do love my family, I been finding them to be frustrating lately. I have so few left and it just angers me that some of them still have audacity to act like children sometimes. I often ask myself what would I do if I had to depend on such people. It's a scary thought. Then my father and grandmother are the only people in my life I can go to now and they aren't getting any younger. I just wish some people in my family would grow up and get over their differences. That I wouldn't have to sit here feeling so unsecured about the future.

If I can only find a job that wasn't way out somewhere. Well fun fact, I need a license. I guess I work on that this summer. That would help. :/

As for Roxie, like I said she got the ok from her vet. I'm really happy about that. :) I am sad that I won't get to see her a vet anymore, but that's whole another issue. lol xD

So if you're looking for the other post, I deleted it. It was written out of anger, but I guess it did some good in posting it. Thank you guys! Thanks Archivist! :)

I hope you don't mind. I just hate reading my cranky angry post now. It's slightly embarrassing. xP

Saturday, March 23, 2013

Farewell My Chemical Romance! :(

Noooooooo! Who will lead the black parade?! Whyyyy????
"Well if you wanted honesty, that's all you had to say.
I never want to let you down or have you go, it's better off this way."
Even though..."I'm not ok!" *sobs*

Daryl Dixon is that you?

In more positive post...
Yeah making celebs again. I remember doing Rick, Shane, Carl, and Lori. Then I lost my passion for it. I think SN came out around that time. Still when I'm bored and my game is acting up, it's always nice to go back to stuff like this. Thoughts?

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Magical toddlers and aliens! Oh my! (just a few pics)

Some pretty cool stuff happened in my game last night. One things being more of test to see it if it was true and the other being totally random!

So wondering what my toddler ended up being? A werewolf? A warlock?

ζ~Elven Spirit~ζ QUEST-5~ Pic, Story, & scores

Being this isn't my favorite entry and the story was completely rushed, I combined scores and such in one post. With my computer crashing every time I build my setting, I gave up and did something a bit more simpler. No matter, I would of probably got low score anyway from the looks of things.

The Darkness Within 
My parents taught me right from wrong. That being good was a must, but I always felt something was different about me. That something dark dwelled within me. Though I had a handle on my powers, I felt compelled to be out of controlled. I felt wild. Even in my dreams, I saw myself as something much more darker than what I was showing to the world.

Then the other elves of my village also got me thinking. You see they whispered horrible things about me. That I was bad luck. A evil omen of such. I regarded them as nothing more than nasty lies, but I knew deep down they had to some truth to them.

So when my father finally told me how I came into this world, I wasn't surprised. It made sense I was made from dark magic. It made perfect sense. Unlike the other elves, I was something unique. Something dark and I found myself liking it more than I should. I could see her now in my dream. The real me...

5th- Vid- 714 
Last place. Why I'm not surprised, I'm still kind of annoyed. With scores being accumulated from each round, the gap between the first few people and last is getting larger and larger. I prefer scores being based on the round itself rather than being added up into one big sum. :/

Monday, March 18, 2013

Erm...I think it's called personal space Bonehilda!

Speaking of Bonehilda and the gang, this also happened. Pervy much Bonehilda?
Um that face...

o_0 Uh yeah that really happened. I have no words. Just laughter. WTF?!

New love, snow and loads of toddler pics! (SN pic spam)

So this is the continuous of the last pic spam. So far the crashing was isolated incident that I hope doesn't come back. I played a lot yesterday, so things seemed to be going ok game wise. I did have some laggy moments, but nothing to complain about too much!

So let them eat cake!!!

Saturday, March 16, 2013

Movie Magic: Cycle One- Mock Assignment

*crawls out of her comp pic cave* Wondering what've been up too? THIS!!!!

I wanted to finish this so I could devote my time simming and socializing. Once I had an idea, I wanted finish it and not stop. If I had stopped I would of never done all this!

As for what made my brain think of this, there's only one musical worthy of me liking it enough to watch over and over again. You can even say that it is one of my favorite movies of ALL TIME!!! That movie is Chicago! :D I knew I wanted to do something based on the idea and look of it, but I didn't want to copy it. I think I manage to do that! 

Yes it looks insanely hard, but editing this was oddly fun! o_o I am pissed you can't see the gun in the black and white pic, but as long as you get the idea of it. I just hope it's not too much!

Fun Fact: My dog, Roxie is named after the lead character in Chicago. I was watching a few days before I picked her up and brought her home. :)

So you like? My first ever movie poster!

P.S. And if you haven't guessed, the theater date is my birthday. :P

Friday, March 15, 2013

Just stopping by with a post...

I haven't played much since my issues with crashing. Been trying to get my comp stuff in order first. This computer is oddly louder than usual, but I might hit it with another can of dust-off (whatever it's called). I ran out of it when I was cleaning it last time. I just hope it's some dust I missed and nothing more serious or better yet, my imagination. -_-

I did enter another comp! Mojo's Movie Magic: Cycle One. It's a comp dealing with movie posters! I couldn't resist. I swear this is my last for awhile. lol

As for my model, I made this pretty lady:
Mojo teased me about her being normal. LOL All my sims are normal. Right? xD I fail at making females sometimes, but I really like how she turned out. :)

P.S. Again it's late, but I finished scores earlier today. I might update again later.

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Little Miss Twisted: Guest judge! *closed*

For Assignment 3 or/and maybe Assignment 4!

-Must have experience and knowledge of comp pics!!!
-Must be polite, especially when commenting on contestant's entries. Do be honest tho.
-Must be reliable. I can't wait around on your scores! xD
-Trustworthy. I'm not going just work with anyone.

I need someone immediately. I can score myself, but I wouldn't mind having some help this time. I will go over details more if you're interested. Would like to have scores up by tomorrow or Thursday at the latest.
Autumn going be my guest judge. I have your email. Sent one back. ^_^

It's Supernatural baby on the way... (Pic Spam)

*sigh* I finally got to play today and I have so many pics. I might split this up into 2 post. If you can't tell from these pics, I'm having a blast! Last pic spam, Agatha my witch was pregnant by werewolf husband Ethan.

Here's a gnome doing quite an appropriate pose for the theme of this pic spam.

Monday, March 11, 2013

I think Sims and my computer were plotting against me today...

All I wanted to do was a comp pic today and then play my game in peace. Nooo! I had to suffer first. First my game crashes about 3 times while setting up comp pic and then I decided it must need cleaning. Clean the pc tower, which just makes my allergies and my lungs happy. Put it back together. Turn the game on and it crashes two more time. WTF?! Then I get all panicky and upset that something must be wrong with my computer. Lose my mind temporary. Take a break. Come back, clear my caches, delete the save file with the comp setting, and test it again via a new save file and my SN file. Nothing. It works with no problems. Now do tell me what did I do to make it work? NOTHING. So why does it work now? I guess I shouldn't complain, but thank you dear technology for driving me absolutely insane today and almost giving me a mini heart attack!!!

Then I just wasted more mins of my life searching for the imaginary doll my newest addition got. The stupid thing decided to disappear!  Even used the reset cheat on it, because I just happen to know it's name. I find the darn thing outside in the rain. Why are you out there?!

Now I go in the fridge and can't even find my bottle of tea. LOL

I'm going play and wait for the new baby in my game to grow into toddler. Hopefully that goes normal, because I don't have patience for anything else. xP

Saturday, March 9, 2013

The Unruly Kind:: My model and Assignment 1

I have a knack for making creepy and gothic looking guys. Why is that? lol Anyway, he is actually the face of Little Miss Twisted: Boys Edition. If you ever see a example pic, he's the model I'm using for it. He reminds me of my female model, Elizabeth Strange actually. Also Ethan was not my original name for him, because I already have an Ethan in my game. Still I figured werewolf Ethan wouldn't mind and it just seemed to fit the personality I'm going with for this guy.

 Sooo the comp is ran by ArtistByNight. Both Ninja and Mojo are in it too (along with a few others from my LMT comp), so I'm excited to compete with them. :)

Ethan Mont
Bio: I was an accident waiting to happen since I was born. I just never fit in anywhere. Even with my parents. Heck they didn't want any parts of me! I was destined for trouble. So I grew up a loner and the odd man out. The mysterious kid that you know you didn't want to mess with. The kid that dabbled in all things strange. So now I live my life in darkness and sin. Looking for a thrill to numb the pain of abandonment. I don't think I can ever be good. It's just not in me.

Assignment 1- Did they start off good or were they always bad? The beginning...
I'm already trying new ideas with this one. Check out the whole entry by clicking "More"!

Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Um.. what is this?! Dogs and sims making puppies?!!

Must Read:

I just died right now...of laughter! Died! I just can't. WTF?! Where am I when crazy people like this are posting? I need lurk more. WTH?!

OMG Walking Dead! Such a crazy amazing surprise!

Ahhh! You and you're clever surprises WD writers!
Super major spoiler ahead!!!!
Don't read pass this point if you haven't been watching WD lately. You have been warned!

Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Bracing for a possible snow storm here!

First off, no University pics! I didn't get it! Whaaat I skipped a sim game?! Ahhh hell is freezing over! lol Well with the snow storm that's suppose to be coming here, everything may freeze over. Our gas and electric company even called us to warn us of power outages. They never did that before. o_0  So if I suddenly disappear, you know why and come dig me out with a shovel please.  Still I'm crossing my fingers it's just the news overacting again and it misses us.  
If the power stays on and it's the big one, I'm totally taking pics. Then if the snow is building material, I'm totally going out there like a huge kid and building a snowman. :) For those bracing for the storm or already getting some flakes tho, stay warm and safe!

P.S. In the morning? Evening? Not sure when it's suppose to start, but just letting you know. If it starts late into day, I'll be here goofing off and playing sims!

Edit: It missed us in the city again!!!! :P

ζ~Elven Spirit~ζ QUEST-4~ Scores

I got 6th place, but the rankings are wonky and some people did extra to get extra points, so ignore that.  Well I like to think I did good anyways. lol

6th- Vid- 667
For the story click here.

Sunday, March 3, 2013

I feel left out! I'm not sure if I want University...

Part of me really wants it, because everybody else wants it and its new. Then it's big part of me who doesn't want it at all. Last time I felt like that, I brought WA and regretted it. I could of even went without Showtime, but meh I didn't mind. This time though I don't feel excited. I haven't been over to the University section at all really. You see only a few aspects of that game interest me, but the whole point of the game doesn't interest me at all.

*sighhhhhhhhhh* I really don't know what to do. I feel pressured to buy it. I feel like I'm going miss out on something and I will be left out, but I don't want to keep piling eps onto this computer.

I really wish the EA team would push this ep back, so I could think about it and have more time to prepare. lol I feel kind of sad skipping this one. This will be the first ep I don't buy, if I choose to skip it. Then I could always uninstall WA, but do I really want to do that? I don't know if I want this game that badly to start uninstalling stuff.

Decisions Decisions....I'm seriously dying over here. Island Paradise is a must, so I also have that to think about too.

Am I the only one feeling this way?
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