Monday, February 18, 2013

ζ~Elven Spirit~ζ QUEST-4~ Pic + Story

Woooo! It's exactly what I envisioned! :D The assignment is lost loves and we had to show the love interest as a ghost. 

Well the story (and the pic) is purely based off manga/anime I've read over the years. I'm kind taking a risk, but I wanted do something different from the normal sad love stories. I had already did a sad entry dealing with death, so I decided just to change it up a bit and make my model seem more at peace this time. The picture itself was extremely hard, so I really hope it pays off. 
And yes I wrote somewhat of a novel for this entry late last night. Click read more for the entry as a whole....

The Love That Was Never Meant...
He was my first love. I was never suppose to be with him. It wasn't meant from the start, but my heart betrayed me and my mind made it seem right at the time. You see he was my mentor, my teacher, and my father's closes friend. Though we were close in ages, he seemed beyond my years. Only natural for a brave and wise warrior like himself. So through the years I saw him as something out of reach, but as time went on I began admire him as well.

When no one wanted anything do with me, he was there. When I saw myself become out of control, he took me under his wing. He became my mentor and even my friend. It was then I began to harness the anger, the grief, the pain through his unorthodox methods. Sure we practice chores and hunting like all the other elves, I only found true peace when he would play his flute. I fell for him more and more doing these days.

Never embracing and only sharing a glance or two, I knew very well he would never be mine. All we could do was sang, dance, and make sweet melodies as our eyes would meet every so often. Nothing more, nothing less. Neither saying a word about how we really felt.

Then that day came. The day he left the village for the first time in years, was the day he died. He never came home that night. He had retired from his warrior duties for sometime now, but that one night had changed it all. While hunting one day, he was ambush by a group night elves (our elf enemy) and was killed as a warning to us. Though he died, those who were with him said he fought like a true warrior protecting them and he did everything in his power not to lead them back to our village. He became legendary that night, but in the midst of it all I felt my heart break again. Oh how I wish I had told him my feelings....

So till this day, I wait for him at the steps of his home like always. Waiting for his wisdom, his guidance, and his warm smile. On windy nights when the wind howls, I can almost hear him playing his flute and it fills me with peace.


  1. I love this picture and story. You have a real knack for capturing a mood in pixels!

  2. You've done it again. Again, I didn't need to know the story to "feel" what was going on here, that's talent. But the story was lovely and so well written. Good on you !

  3. Seren!!!!! I miss ya. *glomps* I hope everything is going good with you and the family. As for the pic, thank you so much! I've always loved your comp entries, so that means alot. Thank you. :D


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