Wednesday, February 13, 2013

ζ~Elven Spirit~ζ QUEST-3~ Scores

I got 2nd! All my scores from all the assignments so far were added together I think to get this. :)
2nd- Vid- 520
For the story click here.

9/10- uniqueness
10/10-photo relates to quest/story
9/10-photo quality
10/10- clothing relates to race and/quest
10/10- Elven essence
i like the look of your models eyes/expression, and pose, this entry is sad but at the same time it has hope, the amulet is another common treasure but maybe her mother was the treasure too?

10/10- uniqueness
10/10- photo relates to story/quest
10/10- photo quality
10/10-attire relates to race/quest
10/10- elven essence
I really loved this. I love how you had all the extras but none of them took away from the main idea of losing her mom and getting the locket! I loved the color scheme and the overall photo is amazing. Good job!

10/10- uniqueness
10/10-photo relates to quest/story
9.5/10-photo quality
10/10- clothing relates to race and/quest
10/10- Elven essence
Comments: Your story and photo match well. Clothing is all good, as is the elfishness. I love how you made it appear like Aurora is infact, on the verge of tears! The tone is appropriate and the extras all look sad and add to the composition without being distracting. Some of the clutter (like the fans) is a tiny distracting but not enough that I would take off for it. The only improvement I can see is to maybe have had the mother lying down so she did not compete with Aurora as the center of attention. 

Uniqueness - 10/10
Relativity - 10/10
Photo Quality - 10/10
Appearance - 10/10
Elven Essence - 10/10
Total - 50/50
Comments: The angle of your photo is perfect. None of the characters in your picture are cut off, they all have facial expressions and emotions that well suit the scene. I love how you captured everyone's posture towards the audience. I love how the main focus is clearly on your model and her mother, with that locket perfectly sitting there, which happens to be really good quality, not over-realistic for a sims picture. I also like how your model's head doesn't block that one woman's head behind her, which I find would have been a common mistake. The placement of everyone is just perfect. The setting of your picture is wonderful. At first glance it does look like red is overwhelming your picture but the more I stare at it, the more I'm finding the tone is perfect to portray a blood elf's story. Excellent job!

I'm very happy with scores this time and I love the feedback I got! :D

I was worried that it was a little bit too much red, but I wanted embrace it a bit since blood elves are known for this color. I was trying very hard to take the attention away from the strong presence of it, but I tried using it to my advantage this time around. I think the different shades of it really helped. Then I took a risk with tenting it red for a warmer effect and it worked! Wooo! As for anything else, I did go back to sharpening some pics, and played with the lightening. I also messed with model's face and extra's faces as the poses I chose for them had no emotion at all. Two of the extras were even kind of smiling. So I change that in editing and definitely concentrated on my model's face. Even changing the markings slightly. Then messing with her hand as I wanted it to look like she was reaching for mom's hand more. I tried having her hold her mother's hand, but the pose was being stupid. Anyway, I did make one little mistake and that was the mother's ears. I had to edit her ears to look more elf like, because I forgot to use the slider on her. I think did well. Then I added the locket. I was going have a cc version of one around my model's neck, but I may try to find something similar for future assignments instead. Just didn't feel like hunting around too much for a cc one.

As for the idea, it is based off of something personal to me. The circumstances of the picture are completely fictional though of course, but the feelings and experience aren't. So I'm happy it portrayed what I wanted to portray. :)

P.S. I also took their advice from last assignment and gave them more of a regal look.


  1. Well done Vid, some very well-deserved high scores :)

  2. Hi Vid ! I saw this the other day, but my arms were too full of baby to comment. So, I had to come back and tell you what a gorgeous pic this is. The colours are lovely and the composition is beautiful. Even without knowing the story, I am able to get the mood and feel...just perfect !


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