Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Walking Dead: Andrea and other stuff...

Aghhh this chick! I'm trying very hard not to hate her. Beware! Spoilers ahead from the last eps...

You were warned...

So I'm not going to go over everything, but a few crazy moments happen. Especially in the ep where the Governor attacks the prison! OMG!!! That was so awesome and unexpected! I thought Rick or Glenn would attack first. Then when Axel got shot in the head, I literally jumped. Even my Dad was surprised! (Yes I finally got him hooked on this show! Bwhahaha!) Still I'm sad to see Axel go. I was just starting to like him. :(

As for Rick seeing ghost, it's getting kind of annoying. I don't mind him getting a bit loopy, but he needs to lead and stop chasing after Lori's ghost. Or at least they could change the ghost up.

Then Darly coming back was nice, but why did he have to bring stupid Merle with him! Yuck!!!

Also having Tyrese and co. leave the prison and join the Governor really pissed me off!!! Agh!!! That is so messed up! Rick you f'd up on that one! :/

Then Andrea and her dumb decisions! I guess the writers want her to be the new Lori, but that won't happen. Still she's being stupid and falling for a obvious nut case! FFS he shot at your friends! Have some loyalty!!!

As for predictions, I have no idea what will happen next! They will leave the prison eventually and they will be a epic battle, but they finally have me stumped!

I'm also quite interested in how the baby would play into this too. I often forget about her. Thank goodness she didn't take over the show with her presence.

But that's about it. As always, I hope I didn't forget anything. xD

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