Friday, February 22, 2013

Patch 1.50: The Incredible Shrinking Elders with canes!

Uh yeah...I think I'll skip that update.


  1. Gosh. That's not too good! I wonder why that happened. Is it just elders with canes or is it all elders? Is a whole generation of sims to be squashed?!

  2. Ah I just saw on Crin's blog that you can fix it by buying the squished elder a new cane. Still weird though!

  3. ahahaha thats so cool! my young adult did that recently (i aged her up with mc) and she kept squishing down it was hilarious

  4. Ah good to hear you can fix it. Does it effect townies? If so, it's just too bad all the elders in all my saves have canes. LOL My town would be full of weird little people swivling around.

    By the way, Archivist made a gif of it:
    Died of laughter just now watching that. xD

  5. omg this is hilarious! I just watched that GIF - bwahahaha
    Oddly enough, I don't think I'd want to 'fix' them. Nothing like an OAP midget to liven the town up XD

  6. LOL I usually hate glitches like that with a passion, but it is quite amusing! The GIF gets me every time though. xD


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