Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Agatha (my witch), Bonehilda, and more? Pic Spam!

I still have to check out Aurora Skies more, but today I just felt like playing and play I did. For awhile actually. 

To start off, Agatha's derp face....

Did you know you can change your common fish in a fish bowl to different minor pet all together through magic? I tried such a spell out today and it gave me a rare blue butterfly. 0_o I might sell it, but it's name is Spell right now. ;)
Bee attack. Poor Agatha.
 Her and sister pillow fighting. :)

Don't be scare! It's gooda  luck charm since you are her hubby.

 Kind of dark, but <3 <3 <3
 By the way, does anyone else see the days of the week on her shirt?!
 I was hoping Victor could sleep with Bonehilda, but nope. He did make her think about him. I think I'm going have him sleep around and cause some trouble.
And I don't why, but I found Bonehilda raking leaves fascinating. 

 Ohhh someones tummy hurts...
Sick Agatha?
Well you do have a baby coming soon!!!
Yes she is pregnant by her werewolf husband! It took more than the usual one try, but I finally heard the baby chime. Hopefully I'll have baby pics and toddler pics next! :D

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