Thursday, February 7, 2013

Agh my sims are so boring!

Now that I say that, I bet mayhem will ensue! I often jinx myself like that. 0_o I'm still playing my game, but not much picture worthy has happen. I think I'm going have to spice it up to have some fun. Babies maybe. It just that usually kills a game for me, but maybe I can keep my interest going with using supernatural sims and seeing genes being passed on. It also might help to age them up before I get too bored with the larva stage.

Hopefully I have pics tomorrow or soonish. I've been up since 8 this morning waiting on the job phone call, so I was kind too lazy to even play.

Well first order of business tomorrow, get my male sim pregnant by an alien and think back to fuzzy twisted weird memories of doing that in Sims 2. Bwhahahaha!

Then get my witch sim, Agatha pregnant by her werewolf husband! Then get my fairy and ghost sim dates!

Enough rambling. Night. :)

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