Monday, February 4, 2013

More off topicness, but FOB is back?! 0_o

FOB as in Fall Out Boy! I went through high school listening to these guys. They bring back fuzzy angsty memories. I'm not entirely sure how the more mature me will love them, but it's nice to see they're back. Geez did they run out of money? Nah, I'm kidding. LOL good to see they're back. The new single isn't my fav, but it's growing on me. Hopefully they release something more catchy without 2chainz walking around in the video. Yuck I hate that dude! Thank goodness he's not rapping in it!

Haha I also remember my short live crush on Pete Wentz. Me and my friends use to be crazy about him.  LOL Those were the days! As for other bands, I want to see My Chemical Romance and Panic at the disco. I think MCR has a new material, but I want more!


  1. lol I loved Fall Out Boy back in the day. People gave the band and their fans a hard time because they came from the whole "emo" scene, but they were pretty much the happiest-sounding band to ever be referred to as "emo." Can't wait to hear what they do next. :)

    1. Yay another FOB fan! I actually was thinking about them the other day and wishing a band like them would come along. Some of the bands of today are so blah compare to them. They use to make craziest videos and their lyrics were always catchy. I'm excited to see what they do next too. It's been forever! Hopefully they add something different to music scene.

      And LOL I always use to wonder why people called them emo. I guess they had the look sometimes, but they were definitely more happy than any emo band I've heard.

      Oooh and The Academy is... should come back too. I literally stalked every band associated with FOB. We need more bands like them.


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