Thursday, February 21, 2013

They got to be kidding? A world for a playpen?!

And a walker? Why wasn't this in Generations?

Why do I have to buy a whole world I don't want just to get those cute little items? And why the hell do I have to buy a bundle to get Monte Vista and this world can be brought with points?!! WTH?!
Classic LOLcat
EA you suck for this! Money grubbing...*mumbles*


  1. You're so right! Aurora Skies looks like total crap but now I really want all this cute toddler stuff - it's suck to the highest degree. ;_______;

  2. LOL Anything to get a buck! They knew that town wouldn't sell as much alone, so they had to stick something in to make us want it. I wouldn't be surprised they those two items were left over from Generations and they were keeping for a time just like this. >_>

    Hopefully soon they will go on sale as stand alone items once they get enough $$$ from us with 2 eps coming out. >_>

  3. If it helps any, the American Academy of Pediatrics thinks baby walkers are dumb. And they are illegal in Canada, because they injure babies, delay their ability to walk, and might lower their IQ.

    So, there's that.


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