Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Job rant: Have we gotten this lazy?

Have we got this lazy as a society that we now have to conduct job interviews over the phone? Seriously what happen to first impressions IN-PERSON!!! I had the most awkward interview ever over the phone today. I was little upset at first about it, but it kind funny afterwards. I guess I did alright and didn't sound too dumb, but I bet money they pick someone else. Oh well. I did my best! I'll just be back on the job hunt if they don't call me and that's cool! To get as far as an interview with zero experience nowadays, that's an accomplishment in itself! xD

P.S. Now to post something sim-related, because it's too much off topicness going on. lol


  1. lol id probably prefer an over the phone interview. meeting people in person really weirds me out. being around ppl in general gives me anxiety. probly why i dont leave the house lol

  2. Well I guess it has it's advantages for some people. lol I actually did think it would be easier for me, but then I was reminded that I'm pretty awful when talking on the phone with people. If it's not a family member or really close friend, I try to avoid talking on the phone at all cost and would rather text. Plus it's just easier for me to BS some answers in person and not have long deafening pauses. I'm sure they probably could get a better sense of me too in-person. >_<

    Ah well I know what to do next time.

    1. To add, they ask some really dumb questions after I told them it would be my first job. That in itself didn't help at all. I probably couldn't of made up anything even in-person with some of those questions.

      I will be extremely surprise if they call me back. Haha, you live and your learn I guess.

  3. LOL Vid, we do that all the time at work. Ours our set up so that you first have a phone interview to gauge the person and ask a few pertinent questions. Depending how well they do, we would set them up for an in-person interview. It's kind of like a preliminary to weed out people and having a smaller selection to interview in person. After that you may have another in person interview after reference checks depending on how many are left. Companies nowadays are looking for people who want the stability of a job and are in for the long term. The goal is to have quality applicants not quantity.


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