Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Ahhh Walking Dead is back!!!! Season 3 continues!

Psss... Walking Dead is back from it's break! Woooo!!!!
And yes I actually changed from the Grammys just to see it. The whole award show was bore anyway!
*Spoilers Alert! Spoilers ahead!*

My Sunday is complete again now that it's back! I did have the difficult decision of choosing between the Grammys and the WD premiere, but I was able to chose after the bore of a red carpet and the even more of a bore hour of the actual show I did see. It was seriously a snore-fest! WD FTW!!!

I promise to only touch on a few points, because I felt like this episode was only an introduction and we'll see more on the next ep.

Anyway, I thought it was a decent premiere. It left me wanting more, but it was a good start. I am kind of mad that Daryl left and ran off with his brother! Why couldn't they kill Merle off when they had the chance?! Agh!!!! I hate him! I know that's his brother, but he's such a douche!!! I hope they kill him off at some point and bring Daryl back into the group. I also hope they explain the relationship between him and Carol. Are they couple? 0_o They always give me that vibe.

Then Glenn looks like he's heading towards being to either being very annoying or very awesome. Being that I still have Glenn as the funny beloved sidekick in my head, I hope he backs off a bit and they don't make him the focus of the rest of the season. I don't know if I can be a fan of serious Glenn or see him being in charge.

Then the crap with Rick going crazy. Now I liked that he could see and get random phone calls from the dead every so often, but he seems to be really going nuts. I'm worried about his character. I know he's not going anywhere anytime soon, but I don't want him going too crazy and I don't want to see him lose his leadership because of it. He just won it back from Shane FFS! Though I'm still very interested in what they will do with this story line and what characters will make a ghostly return, I just hope they don't overdo it.

As for anyone else...
- I'm excited to see what The Governor will do next!
-I wanted to see Michonne join the group and stop being so difficult.
-I want to see what Andrea will do in the now beaten down Maybury and how her relationship will be with the now crazier Governor!
-I also hope Tyrese and co. join the group (with the exception of the idiots who were plotting).

I think that's about it.

I guess they will be leaving the jail soon too at the end of the season and we'll have more major deaths. With the group we have now, I can't see anymore deaths beside maybe the Governor. Be interesting to see who kicks the bucket next. xD

*sigh* Can't wait for next Sunday! I'm going have to see what time the new season of Amazing Race comes on, but I'll definitely see it before the night is over. :P

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