Monday, November 30, 2015

I made my first custom pose!

I was bored the other day and I didn't feel like playing my game, so I decided to make something. Something new. So after some reading I made my first custom pose using blender. Here is how it first looked...
This is the improved version of it.
I'm working on another pose, but it's a pain in ass since the main focus is the hands. Might scrap it. If I can get 3 or 4 poses done tho, I'll make a pose pack. :)

P.S. Going fix the stupid arm and shoulder.

Saturday, November 28, 2015

The Edgars Legacy: Daniel's Wedding! A beautiful mess!

You have been invited to the wedding of the century. I laughed the whole time. I don't want spoil any of it, so click read more and experience it for yourself.

Aslo the CC free Bridgeport chapel I downloaded in the piccies can be found at ModTheSims. I recommend it. 

Friday, November 27, 2015

Meet my new fish Sleepy. He sleeps like this....

Yes, he sleeps this way. I swear to you he's not dead. 

He's a Fighting Fish/Betta. His name was originally Pebbles, then Rainbow, but now it's Sleepy. He will forever be Sleepy now. I guess he's sleeping anyway. He's definitely not dying. I thought he was dead the first time he did this. I'm not sure if this is a normal thing, but I have never seen a fish sleep like this in my entire life. My grandmother either. It's freaking hilarious. I crack up every time I see his butt/fins sticking out of his little house. It's so funny. 

We got him a few weeks ago though, so hopefully he lives a long life unlike the previous fish in that bowl. I also have a betta fish named Blue who's been around, but he's not as interesting as Mr. Sleepy. :P

Walking Dead: Musings before the Mid-Season Finale!

I've totally failed at reviewing this season. lol Well I missed a few episodes. Oh well. I'll make up for it now.
This poster reminds me of Kill Bill. :)
Spoils, Spoils, Spoils! Do not pass this point if you haven't seen any of Season 6 or anything before it! Stop in the name of spoilers!

Thursday, November 26, 2015

Happy Thanksgivings to my fellow greedy simmers!

Gobble Gobble! Eat up y'all and save me a plate! :P

As for me, LORD help me today with my diet! My diet is about to be f**** up majorly. xD

Wednesday, November 25, 2015

On Location Cycle 3- A3 Scores

1st Place
Your location: Fake/Whimsical Set
Client's Challenge: Weird, Uncomfortable, Unique Clothing/Hair/Makeup
This photo fills my heart with so much joy. Very proud. 

Faery Fae- Cycle 3- A6 Scores

4th place (TIE)
51 points
*sighhhhhhhhhhhhh* I'm consistently unhappy with my photos in this comp lately.

Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Some Legacy Randomness before The Big Wedding!

Let's lighten the mood with some legacy pics. I did have the invisible sim glitch going on with Kat/mom when I loaded my game up, but I fixed it and I reset the whole freaking town. Hopefully things run more smoothly now.

Nic got a new pet. ;P

Peace To Paris and all the simmers affected.....

I don't like covering news events, but....
God bless the people of France. May they find comfort and peace during this tragic time. Hope all my French simmers are safe. Stay safe everyone. 

Wednesday, November 11, 2015

The Sims & Modeling community on the move?! Possible new forum coming soon!

Attention: Calling All Models, Modelers, & Simmers!

As a result of the latest unfair ban among us.  Some of us in the modeling community have decided to make a forum of our own dedicated to modeling that will allow us to share our art freely without fear of being banned. It will also allow those who were banned unfairly and those who left due to the corruption to rejoin the community.

We did have a forum like this called Unbound for awhile, but it has died out due to a lot issues. We plan to learn from those issues and make a forum everyone in the sims and modeling community can enjoy. If you are interested please post in the thread linked above or leave a comment here. While we're not expecting everybody to abandon the officials we are hoping the majority will at least consider joining and contributing.

As of now we are discussing names, themes, and a format. We want everyone's input on this so we can make a forum everyone can love.

MizoreYukii is running the show and she plans on being an admin/moderator. Beech is also involved! I'm also throwing my hat in. Not sure if I'll get the moderator title or not like those wonderful ladies, but I plan to help as much as I can no matter what. 

Many of the TS4 modeling community seem to be not on board unfortunately. I think that will change after they see the true ways of EA. They have been banning people for years for little to no reasons. You may think this new forum is all sunshine and rainbows, but it's the same old crap ran by the same ol' douches with a shiny new wrapping. Just wait and see the hypocrisy of EA. The same company who let a porn troll post explicit porn on their forums for months on end without ip banning them. God help you all if that happens again! I'm sure they'll delete and ignore just like they did before!

Oh we can't forget the same company won The Worse Company American golden poo award twice in a row! I'm sure they'll win it this year! I'm rooting for them!

But plz do educate yourself with the Mare's Nest. You'll learn a lot. EA didn't ban their link and name on the forums for nothing. ;)

I will still lurk the officials for blogging purposes and post on general discussions, but the new forum will be my safe haven/home hopefully. *crosses fingers*

Anywhooo, I will be keeping you updated as we make the most epic modeling forum ever. Wish us luck! xD 

Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Dark Shadowz Cycle 10- A1 Scores

Competition #3. Yep I'm in 3 and hosting 1 at the moment. I had to join this. Creepy is my thing! I was swamped, but I've caught up now I think. xD It's a story comp b/w.

4th Vid &Ethan
ASSIGNMENT 1: The Shadow
Ehhhh I rushed this, so it didn't turn out like I wanted to. Story after the jump.

Wednesday, November 4, 2015

On Location Cycle 3- A2 Scores

6th Place
Your Location: Urban Grunge
Client's Challenge: Night Time Shot
I like this, but I feel like I could have done a better job.

Faery Fae- Cycle 3- A5 Scores

5th (Tie)
51 points
I keep tying. lol Ehh...this is not my favorite at all.

Monday, November 2, 2015

New forum. Same BS! EA is still banning people unfairly....

Time to get serious! I did curse, so close your delicate ears!

Mhamilton0911/Maggie has been permabanned without warning or a temp ban. She didn't even get an email. How do I know this? Because she told me herself. I emailed her to ask her what she had done and she had no freaking clue. She literally got no warning or reason whatsoever! They won't even email her back.
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