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Walking Dead: Musings before the Mid-Season Finale!

I've totally failed at reviewing this season. lol Well I missed a few episodes. Oh well. I'll make up for it now.
This poster reminds me of Kill Bill. :)
Spoils, Spoils, Spoils! Do not pass this point if you haven't seen any of Season 6 or anything before it! Stop in the name of spoilers!

Spoiler alert! You're heading into the spoiling zone. I'm also going be cursing. You have 5 seconds to leave. 1, 2, 3, 4, 5....... turtle Morgan put me to sleep with his hour and a half  Here's Not Here episode. FFS, why did he need all that f'ing time to tell us about how he became a lameass. Like it was so f'ing boring and pointless. They could have use that time for an action packed episode and cut that down to the regular hour. I think that episode bored me to the point I didn't want to do any reviews! I'm hating Morgan right now. I'll get back to his dumb ass later.

I'm going do this by the character and major events, because all the episodes I missed have merged into one in my brain. xD

Maggie + one- I knew she was pregnant. It was only a matter of time she would be pregnant. Not excited about the premise of another baby in the show, but meh that's nice for Glenn. Hmmm....that's if the baby makes it. Heck, I'm surprise Judith made it this far. I also gain a little respect for poorly used Aaron who came along and saved her from the sewer zombies. She would have been dead otherwise.

Glenn- I had a feeling he was alive. The reveal was too long for him not to be alive. It would have been so anti-climatic if they had just killed him off. Anyway, I personally would have left Engrid when she ran away. No one has time for that!

Morgan- This dumbass and his "all life is precious" BS! People being murdered in the street and he's trying to save one of the murderers by rehabilitating him? Is he serious?! He's even trying to waste supplies and time on this waste of space. I'm glad Carol caught him. I truly think this dude is going get killed by the same damn wolf  he so called saving. I hope Rick and co. throw his ass out if they save Alexandria. I'm still mad at this guy for getting his teacher killed in that boring episode. The TWD writers have totally ruined him as a character for me and many others. It's a shame!

Daryl- I'm glad he's ok now, but I don't know if I would have stuck around with those people who tied him up in Always Accountable. I would have gave them the insulin back, but after that I would have been like "You're on your own. Peace out!" Those ungrateful assholes stole his bike and crossbow, so my instincts were pretty much right. Should have left their asses. That sister was an moron for touching the glass case zombies by the way. And hey who was on the walkie talkie? Rick? Maybe I missed it.

Abe and Sasha- What in the world is happening between these two? Are they flirting and hinting at a romance? Ehhh I don't know if I can handle that. Like wow....

Rick and Jessie- *sigh* I guess the kiss means they're together. *rolls eyes* I would have rather Rick found a new bestie (besides Daryl) than a new romance.

Ron (Jessie's son), Carl, and Rick- I would have never taught Ron how to shoot. I wouldn't have trusted him at all. He hates Carl for taking his "girlfriend" Engrid. He hates Rick for stealing his mom away from his dad and killing his dad. Does the kid need anymore reason to get revenge on these two? Now he has a gun with bullets. Great job guys! Carl better watch out.

Deanna's son Spencer- This is the cute guy I thought I saw a few shows ago. He's an idiot unfortunately and a bit of an asswipe. Taking food from your fellow townfolk in the apocalypse makes you an automatic asshole. I think Rick was thinking the same thing I was thinking when he trying escape and lure the heard away. Rick and me: "Aw he's hanging over the zombies like walker bait. Oh well. Bye!"

Father Gabriel- Rick still shading him. Ahhahaha NO. *rips signs down*

Glenn and Maggie- I will not get too happy for these two at less they are reunited face to face without surrounding threats lurking about.

Alexandria and the walls coming down- Oh shit! It's about to go down! Those wall coming down mean mayhem and awesomeness. People are about to die! I guess Rick and co. might move on after this season if they can't get the heard under control and get the walls back up. Can't wait for the mid-season finale!

I think that's it. If I missed something, I'll cover it in the mid-season finale review.

Stuff I'm hoping to see in the Mid-Season Finale
-Glenn and Maggie reunited!
-Rick or Carol kill Morgan's captive wolf
-Morgan learns his lesson
-Daryl gets his crossbow back and kills off the thieves
-More Carol badassness
-Daryl, Sasha, and Abe come back in to help in the chaos
-Eugene lives! Don't kill him off please. He's my favorite useless survivor.

Stuff I'm predicting for the Mid-Season Finale
-Carl gets shot by Ron/Jessie's son
-Morgan gets killed by the same wolf he saved
-Maggie and Glenn reunite, but something bad happens
-Alexandria falls and the group runs into a new villain
-Deaths: Deanna, Morgan,.....not sure who else. Father Gabriel maybe, but his character arch seems incomplete.

Anyway, I'm super pumped and annoyed this is the mid-season finale. I don't want the fun to end, but it's going be insane. Can't wait! I'll do a review for that for sure!

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