Wednesday, November 25, 2015

On Location Cycle 3- A3 Scores

1st Place
Your location: Fake/Whimsical Set
Client's Challenge: Weird, Uncomfortable, Unique Clothing/Hair/Makeup
This photo fills my heart with so much joy. Very proud. 

Wow Vid!! You did exactly what was asked and did it beautifully. Kelly looks like a vision in that dress and it’s beautiful. I love the hanging stars, the fact that this looks like a stage production, yet Kelly still remains high fashion. I think maybe a slightly wackier hairstyle could have really pushed the envelope, but honestly, excellent work at doing exactly what I wanted and doing it wonderfully!
Ohhhhh my gooossh! I looooove this Vid! Everything about it is just perfect and fits the requirements so well! I love the set and the clothes, and the headpiece goes well with the set theme. And you did a great job putting together her outfit, though I noticed there was quite a bit of blurring to get them to blend with the legs. I honestly don’t have much to pick at, but what is bothering me is the way the ladder is positioned. The angle makes it look like it is floating rather than propped up, but I just played it off as it being a part of the “fake” requirement. The dress also had a few low quality spots, could use a little more shading as well. Either way, amazing! I can’t wait to see what you do next.

Ahhhhhhhhhh 1st!!!! I never knew I could create something so beautiful! I know it's not perfect, but I'm so proud of myself. I think it's my best edit to date! Definitely a favorite!

My first thought was to do something that had a bit of a sci-fi feel to it. A mixture of sci-fi with whimsical anyway. It was suppose to have more of a sci-fi feel, but I couldn't find planet cutouts that would fit the theme. Sooooo I decided to go with a more a sky/night theme with stars and a moon. Then I wanted her styled in a fabulous pink feather gown, because she was to be the star of the show. xP  I had no idea I was going pull that off, but I somehow did it and it's exactly what I envisioned.

This is everything I used for photo/edit.....
Started with the corset....

Then I pieced the feather part of the gown piece by piece. It was a big risk, but I wanted at least try to get the desired look in my head. 
Then if you lookie here you can see all the pieces I used to make my own unique fake whimsical set/background. I'm really glad I found those stars. They really pulled everything together.
The headpiece was my attempt in making her hair more wacky, but it didn't work. xD

Besides the lack of wacky hair, I was able to do exactly what Beech wanted which was my goal! YAY! 

The next assignment was to do a futuristic photoshoot with robots! Woooo! I'm really glad my previous entry turned out to be less sci-fi than I had originally planned.*phew* Anyway, I did it yesterday in a panic and it was pain in the arse! It was super last min too, but I don't think it looks last min. I'm hoping it doesn't anyway. *sigh* I really didn't expect it to be such a pain. I need to manage my time with these things better. Oh well.

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