Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Faery Fae- Cycle 3- A6 Scores

4th place (TIE)
51 points
*sighhhhhhhhhhhhh* I'm consistently unhappy with my photos in this comp lately.

Creativity: 9/10
Quality: 7/10
Creature Influence: 10/10
Total: 26/30
Another marvelous entry from you, Vid. Nora is such an enchanting creature and I love her. I love the whole redcap lore! This is a dark and mysterious photo – perfect for a redcap. I think my only real complaint here is with the lighting. The lamp is SUPER bright (and looks very fake as a result) and the dark side is SUPER dark thus losing detail in the shadows. I’m really intrigued by the dress Nora’s wearing, but we can’t see the detail because of the darkness. Great work!

Creativity: 8/10
Quality: 7/10
Creature Influence: 10/10
Total: 25/30
I really love the creative direction you took your photo. Nora looks so strong and I can tell she is on a mission. Love the styling and the pose was perfect for this shot. There were a lot of blurring issues with this photo. Especially in the lantern she was holding. Honestly, this was still a great shot from you! Good Job!

I honestly don't know how I escaped doubled elimination with this, but ehhh I guess it wasn't that bad.

The assignment was to do a headshot that represented my fairy and I couldn't think of a dang thing. Well the trouble started when I got the idea of using a very special stock background. I didn't bookmark it, but I thought I could find it easy. HA! I didn't find it and I took up most of my time searching for it. Finally I just gave up and decided to do just anything. My first attempt end up not being saved, so I had to do it over again (it looked horrible anyway) and the above is my 2nd attempt.

My idea is kind of inspired by Dracula and the fact she kind of a fairy of death hence the funeral-like getup.

There's a lot wonky stuff going on with my editing tho. I'm not proud of it. The veil, the hair, the background, and part of the outfit is stock. The pose is sort of of combining of two poses in editing. That was the one successful thing.

Overall... it's a lot little things I do like and then it's a lot stuff I can't help, but cringe at.

The next assignment was to show my fairy's place of solitude. I did it and I like it slightly better than the photo above, but I wouldn't be surprise if I got eliminated. I feel like it's only a matter of time till I'm on chopping block for this. xD


  1. Don't be so hard on yourself, it's gorgeous. Maybe the hair and lantern are a bit too bright, it takes the attention away from the background and outfit. Still, I love this picture and your dark fairy. I love darkness, hehe. I'm going to respond to your email soon, by the way. It has been a busy month, including a last minute holiday to Curaçao. Not too bad ;-)

    1. Thank you. It was throw together last min and the competition is really tough, so I can't help but pick at it. Plus I know exactly where I messed up. Probably can't even see it though. It's definitely too dark tho and the hair was driving me nuts. I'm a bit of a perfectionist sometimes. xD

      Anyway, I figure you were busy. No need to rush. I'm so jealous of your holiday in Curaçao. It's beautiful there. Lucky you! :o

      B/w legacy updates are coming. Lots of them maybe. Finally not busy with comp pics and rl. :)


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