Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Dark Shadowz Cycle 10- A1 Scores

Competition #3. Yep I'm in 3 and hosting 1 at the moment. I had to join this. Creepy is my thing! I was swamped, but I've caught up now I think. xD It's a story comp b/w.

4th Vid &Ethan
ASSIGNMENT 1: The Shadow
Ehhhh I rushed this, so it didn't turn out like I wanted to. Story after the jump.

89 points
Photo Quality: 8/10
Photo Presentation: 9/10
Creativity of Photo: 9/10
Creativity of Story: 13/15
Relation to Assignment: 5/5
Total: 44/50
Interesting! I like that Ethan came off as a little bit insane and then his shadow came off as completely psycho! Good job! I think that your photo is done nicely, especially the creepy look on his face – poor human Ethan! I do think that this story tied extremely close to the actual story. I know it wasn’t against any rules to do so, but it paralleled it pretty closely. Aside from that, I think that you did a phenomenal job giving us something interesting to read and see. The black/grey shading is a bit harsh in spots (like his fingers) but it isn’t bad. Great job.

​Photo Quality: 8/10
Photo Presentation: 9/10
Creativity of Photo: 10/10
Creativity of Story: 13/15
Relation to Assignment: 5/5
Total: 45/50
I love this, Vid! I really enjoy how you still work on a primarily in game basis while incorporating editing techniques, it’s one of my favorite things about your work these days. Overall, I like your picture set up and the story is just great, though I do wish you would have gone a little more creative and skewed the idea a little more but honestly, great job, totally enjoyable. Some of your editing, especially around the fingers, is still a little on the rougher side but that’s just a practice thing and I’m sure you’ll have that down pat in no time. I think that just greyscaling his fingers would have been a little more effective, and then darkening that- it would have given it a better quality overall. Great job, can’t wait to see more!

I agree with them. TBH I thought they might criticize it more.

I don't like the lighting. My setting is bleh with all the brick wallpaper. Then the shadowy effects and the image on the wall could have been executed better. *sigh* I shouldn't have waited till the last minute to do this and I should done something simpler. This was an ambitious idea and a lot editing to take on right at the due date.

I do like my story, but it does sound like the original/example. I kind of realized it after typing it out, but then it was too late to change it and do something else.

Meh it could be much worse. It's definitely not a bad picture. Just not my favorite.

I'm excited for the next assignment. Ethan has to embody a seductive creature. He's cute in odd sort of way, but sexy? lol This is going be interesting. I have some ideas though.

Here's A1 story as promised....

ASSIGNMENT 1: The Shadow
Friends are hard to come by when you're a mysterious soul like me. When I was kid I had no friends and barely had parents, so like most kids my imagination filled that void. I had stuff animals, invisible companions, and the works to cure my loneliness. Things only kids can think up, but unlike most kids I grew tired of them quickly. I needed something more to stimulate me. Something that move, so one day I decided to turn to the shadows. My shadow.

A shadow is a curious thing. It follows your every movement. I watched it run as I ran. Jump when I jumped, but it never once spoke. Somehow in my fits of madness I knew it was conscious of me. I could have sworn it moved on its own accord. I could have sworn it had spoken to me in my dreams in whispers and visions. One would think such an imagination would keep a boy occupied for years to come, but it was not long before I grew tired of the dark figure. I craved flesh and bone. True human interaction. So out of frustration one night I asked why it didn't it just become human. I screamed at it not expecting an answer, but it stood still as I ever seen it when I asked this. I can even recall it looking at me at one point. I looked upon it in disbelief. I couldn't believe my eyes and closed them long enough for the figure to disappear out of sight. "Where had it gone?" I asked myself that night. "The light hadn't left the room, so where did it go?"

I didn't think much of it after that. I grew older and found meaningful friendships. My shadow appeared like every night normal as ever, but I never quite shook the feeling of it watching me. Then one night I was surprised again by it's silhouette. It didn't mimic me. It stood as still as it did before years ago right in the way of the front door. I shook my head trying to make sense of it. I had obviously drank too much the night before. Then it walk towards me as a human would. I didn't move. I couldn't. I was in a trance of some sorts. I don't know what happened after that, but it was the beginning of a very strange night and the start of strange occurrences for me.

To make a long story short as I barely remember a thing anyway....I had planned to go to the movies that night with a group of friends. That was where I had planned to go the night the shadow had made his return anyway, but I wasn't able to meet them. Instead my shadow did and I took the place of my shadow. As I screamed from the depths of darkness I could see him among my friends and I could feel the cold touch of shadowy figures approaching me. I was becoming the shadow and he was becoming the boy he met so many years ago. He was becoming human.

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