Saturday, November 28, 2015

The Edgars Legacy: Daniel's Wedding! A beautiful mess!

You have been invited to the wedding of the century. I laughed the whole time. I don't want spoil any of it, so click read more and experience it for yourself.

Aslo the CC free Bridgeport chapel I downloaded in the piccies can be found at ModTheSims. I recommend it. 
-Before The Wedding-

Kathy (new better nickname) waiting in line to get in the bathroom. Looks like Daniel needs the shower more. EW!

Oh what is this? Trash in the living room?
I bet Dr. Evil the gnome did this. 
Nic cleaned it up in all his shirtless glory.
Then he went to work at his new job in this outfit. WTH?! Snowflake hates it too. B/w he's a professional criminal now. Such a bad boy.
Henry was happy to have the house to himself again. Forgot how handsome he was. He's such a cutie.
Kathy: Do I have a pimple?
She looked over to see Daniel came home from work a little singed.
She decided to make front of him since Nic wasn't around to do it.
Nic came home to throw around the old football with dad.
How sweet!
Then he decided to take a ride on his bike. Why the long face Nic?
I renamed my new bunny gnome Easter since I keep calling him that in my head. It's a habit I got from naming chicks/chickens Easter in Harvest moon. xD Anyway he likes hanging out in the garden.

Dr. Evil on the other hand is up to things. Bad things. He woke Nic up in the middle of the night by standing by his bed. I kept wondering why he was roaming around wake. So freaking creepy.
He was still standing there when he woke up.
Had Nic kick him to get revenge. He went into wall. lol
I swear these two do this almost everyday.
Kathy set up a prank and poor Daniel walked right into it. Time to get some clothes and dress for your wedding mister!

-The day of the Wedding-

Hours after calling the guest and setting up the time, Nic got arrested! D: He was caught at work. Poor thing had to go to jail in that outfit.
On the way to jail he saw a spaceship. :o
Kind of regret not having someone in my household check it out.

-The Wedding: At the chapel-
Daniel showed up at the chapel wondering where his trouble-making brother could be.
As the party started, something was amiss with the mother of the bride, Mrs. Finley.
Right after grabbing a hotdog, she died.
And Grim showed up to take her away.
Much like the guest I was in shock. I never had anyone die at a wedding before. The thought did cross my mind with them being old, but.... 0_o
Angelique was beside herself.
Well I guess it's no use in wasting a hot dog huh? >_>
Too bad Nic isn't at the party. He would have totally flirted with this paparazzi girl. B/w how did she get in?! It was suppose to be exclusive! 
Angelique fainted for the 2nd time and someone died...
But Kathrine was like "Turn down for what?! Dance time!"
Kat and Bams tried to lighten things up with some karaoke.

Stupid paps!
Joyce (the bride) was heartbroken, but decided to marry Daniel her sportswear. -_-
Women sit down already!

Exchanging rings.

ROFL! Angelique face is everything!!!!
Angelique: Giiiirrrl do you ever stop dancing. Your brother is getting married!
It's so beautiful even though they're hungry. 
I made Joyce dress in white formal wear for some wedding pics since she joined my household.
Selfie time!

Jack Limb/Kat's ex hubby is so old! Dang!
Parents dancing awkwardly. Gotta love em!
Then to top off this beautiful disaster it rained....alot. Thunder and all. Time to go!
Daniel returned home a married man.
Nic was surprisingly home from jail.
Instead of fighting with him, he wished him congrats.

Kat ended the night with some tea.
And the newlyweds ran off to bed. What a wedding!
Daniel will probably be moving out soon with his bride. Got a home in mind already courtesy of Wibs' gorgeous collection of houses. I might let the newlyweds stick around for a min to keep them under my control, but Kathy and Nic will be moving out with them probably. Then the parents will be at the mercy of story progression. Should I keep the parents as vampires or should they become human again so they can age? Hmmmm...I'll think about it. If it does start to feel too crowded though, Daniel and his wife are getting kicked out early. Nic can visit his sister-in-law if he has to. And why would he need to visit her? Oh no reason. Bwhahahahaha! :P


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    1. Nice site, but I don't have sims 4 and don't plan on getting it any time soon. If you make the site Sims 3 friendly I might share something, but other than that thanks for the invite. :)

  2. Isn't that always the way - the cops nab your sim right on the night you have an important event? The cops get 10 out of 10 for taking down truants and nabbing the sims you play but the occasional burglar. "What burglar? I didn't see anyone in black and white stripes go past me!" :P

  3. LOL Ikr! They always nabbing my sims, but not the burglars! Of all the times to arrest him too. I almost quit without saving, but I love randomness like that so I went with it. Reminds of me something you would hear in rl! xD


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