Monday, November 2, 2015

New forum. Same BS! EA is still banning people unfairly....

Time to get serious! I did curse, so close your delicate ears!

Mhamilton0911/Maggie has been permabanned without warning or a temp ban. She didn't even get an email. How do I know this? Because she told me herself. I emailed her to ask her what she had done and she had no freaking clue. She literally got no warning or reason whatsoever! They won't even email her back.

The Sims and Modeling section is a quiet and dwindling community. Most of us just go there to stay out of trouble, so seeing that red avi in that section is saddening. It's made even worse that this an active friendly member of the community. So why did she get banned? This is the thread in question that we believe might have caused this....

Now I can understand why this might be a problem, but does that constitute a permanent ban without warning or an email? 

She even came back on a fresh new account and was banned again for nothing with no warning or an email again!

As another simmer said much more elegantly...
"They allow second chances, so I have no idea why they'd ban her immediately for coming back. Having an assignment like that is not worthy of a ban, especially because we've had several nudes pop up recently and in the past that only resulted in the images being removed, not the poster being banned. Whatever this is, it seems to be some vendetta or extreme technical error on their side. >_<"

I have a screenshot of that, but we wouldn't want anyone else getting banned. Obviously someone is trigger happy over in the moderator section of EA. 

All I have to say to you EA is the community is dying and you're killing it more. Do the right thing and contact her. Unban her. She doesn't deserve this. Trolls have done worse and they barely get a slap on the hand if any. I know we've had our little squabbles in the past, but that's our thing and at least I got emails when you made up random bullshit excuses for them. Don't do the same to Maggie! Do the right thing by this good person at least. Stop being assholes for once! It's not right or fair and you know it. 

P.S. And if someone thought it was fun and giggles to report her, grow the fuck up please. It's not cute anymore. You're going be all alone on that dusty little forums if you keep it up.

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