Thursday, March 31, 2011

The early stages of my night club....

I've been working on my night club all day now. Still got a lot to do, but here is some pics.
I love the door. <3

What a surprise EA!

A new set is one of the  big surprises?! Oh EA you shouldn't have! You really shouldn't have!!! Seriously the store is updated every week! WTF? Thanks EA!

I mean the set is kinda cute, but could it kill you to give something away free as a surprise?

What's the next surpise? A new patch?

Possible projects?

Since I have nothing to add tonight accept comp stuff, I will tell you what've been thinking about doing lately with sims.

I'm really thinking about going back and trying my hand at building again. Making a night club would be kinda awesome.

I also want to make a new band or re-do the band I have already with the new clothes I got recently.

As for my own entries in comps, so far my brain has been completely dead for comp pics. It's driving me nuts! So I will not be joining anymore comps or making any new comps/cycles till I get a bit of break. Hopefully I get some ideas for the two I'm in.

Also get ready for male smexyness as I've been wanting to get back into CAS and make some hotties! ;)

This is kinda my to-do list. xD

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Vanity has been featured in Sensation Magazine!!!

I was asked to do this while on break (was still being comp host) and it came out yesterday! Check it out if you haven't yet! :D
First Flux for my paintings and now Sensation for my comps. Yay! :D

Monday, March 28, 2011

I haz returned!!!

I wanted to get all the modeling stuff involving just my entries out the way, so thats why I posted them first.

Anyway, I'm back to blog, rant, complain, have blowups, and leave again. lol Yes, that was a joke at my own suspense. I will not be talking about anything that happened around the time this blog went private. It's been talked about, blogged about, and just beaten to death since I left. I said I was wrong, I apologized, lets move on. Lets not beat a dead horse as the saying goes.  (Sorry I could not resist. Blame Hippie for this gif)

Now I won't blog all the time, but I plan on getting back into blogging like before. Remember, I'm human and I do stupid stuff all the time. I will probably put my foot in mouth again soon. I will apologize if needed and get over it. If you can't, tough cookies!

I'm just warning you now if you are touchy, get easily annoyed, or just can't stand me, please piss off now and get a damn tissue for your tears! Back to work!!!!

P.S. I will still do my vampire story by the way. Just give me a min to get back into the swing of things. Been about 2 weeks?

Edit: Oh thank you to all who commented, worried about me, and still <3 me! I <3 you too my peeps!

Vampire the Masquerade: Bloodlines Assignment 1+ Scores

10/10 Creativity
10/10 Clan Representation
10/10 Relates to the assignment

8/10 Overall Picture
5/5 Masquerade
Total: 43/45
Comments: Absolutely stunning picture! I really struggled to find fault with it which is certainly a good thing. I gave you an 8 for overall picture only because your model’s face was somewhat hidden by her hair and the guy on the left wasn’t really doing anything. Really though I had to be quite nitpicky about it. Great job!

I turned it in first! Agh! I was hoping to get first or place, but it didn't happen. Ah well. Still did good! One of my extras was being such a waste of space, but meh. He will never model again!!! xD As for the hair, someone did mention the hair being her face. Guess I should of listen to them. >_<

I still think I did awesome though. Seriously, one of my favorite comp pics! So gory and cool!!! :P

Miss Simiverse- The pics and my thoughts

Yep, I lost. No big deal! I knew PK would beat me and it's well deserved. I was burnt out and 5 pictures at one time was too many. I had time, but it was overwhelming to say the least. Also I had all types of other things going on and just wanted to get it over with. Did I give up? Not really, because I did want to win, but it just wasn't there.

One big mistake though was turning in pictures in first. I always get low scores or scores lower than I want when I post my pictures first. Some will say I'm silly to think that, but just call me superstitious.

I had fun and 2nd place isn't bad at all. ^_^

Click read more to see the pictures.

Saturday, March 12, 2011

A proper post saying it's time for a break...

I apologize for my actions of the last few days. Everyone who is still following and still enjoy having me as part of the simming community don't deserve my last post. You deserve a proper post thanking you for making this blog what it is today. Thank you for following me and thank you those who still think positive of me.

Everyone who have express their anger about my blogging thank you for your criticism. Anything else you wish to say to me, you can contact me privately. I will not be doing anymore mud slinging as I had enough of all that. I'm stressed as it is.

I have done all the apologizing that wanted to do and when I come back, I hope you can still enjoy my present and blog as before.

I will be deleting my last post as I find it slightly embarrassing now. That was raw build up emotion that was a bit much. >_<

As for the post I overreacted, it will be still seen as I have nothing to hide.

When I feel like returning is my own decision. The blog will remain up as is now. Thank you.

P.S. Also welcome back Mare!!!!!!!!!! I saw last night and almost fell out my chair.

Thursday, March 10, 2011

The house of Flying Fish?!

0_o *check glasses*

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Not much to blog about and we all know why...

With Mare gone and the forum already dying a slow death, I haven't been really been interested in lurking outside of the modeling section anymore. Hate them or love them, Mare made the already somewhat dead forums a little less dead. They made you take interest in the forums and made you curious to what would be on their blog next. You almost had to be on the forums, so you could predict what would they blog about today. Am I right?

Sorry if my blog hasn't been the most interesting read lately, but the forum is pratically dead. I remember the days when it was always something going on and Mare was just starting. Back then you didn't need blogs to keep up the interest, but EA has f'ed up so much there, they killed it basically. Mare was that last little resort from the bordom and now we don't even have them now, so what's left? Nothing really.

Eventually I'm going try doing Mare thing and reporting news again in my own little way. Hopefully that will fill the void till or if they come back. I think we should all try to make the forums interesting again, even it's post here or there. You gotta admit Mare was like our 11 o'clock news to the simming world. It's just not the same.

Sorry this turned into Mare ramblings, but it's pretty much why I loss interest in the forums right now. :(

I haven't got anything done today. I think I will try use the little time I have tonight for comp stuff and taking pics of my new sims for upload. Goodnight all!

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

♥ Mangaka♥ My new modeling comp! Sign-ups posted!!!!

Yes, I made the banner! It's the best banner I have ever made in my entire life. Seriously! If only my blog was called mangaka. lol I'm so proud of it! Please check it out and sign up if your interested! :)

P.S. Forgot to mention, everyone models in this comp who get eliminated will be killed off! Bwhahaha!

Since the forums are borked, a preview of my new anime sims!

Since I can't get to the forums at the moment, which isn't usual. *rolls eyes* I decided to go in CAS and make 2 anime sims for my new comp.
Miyuki Sato
Cute shy type and aprentice to Ryo Tadashi. Madly in love with Ryo, but keeps it a secret hoping he will notice her someday. She is also clumsy and a bit of a air head. Often gets yelled at for doing orders wrong. She can be seen around town in school girl type clothing with lots of ribbons and bows.

Ryo Tadashi
A arrogant inventor who enjoys tinkering with things. He has a bit of temper, charming, hansom and is looked as somewhat mysterious in his village. Despite this, he has gotten many marriage proposes to his dismay. He is very devoted to his work though and often is blind to things around him (his appretice's loving stares mostly). Can be seen around the village wearing esscentric clothes and a top hat. He also mysteriously has fangs.

Note: I would of gave him a top hat, but have to change his hair. :/ Eventually I will.

Now for a banner! Photoshoot time! :D Oh and I will upload them later. Kinda waiting for the fourms to come back for me first. >_<

Monday, March 7, 2011

Going to make some sims for my new comp...

Anime sims of course! May need make a male one as don't have any male anime sims. I can't say much about it as don't want anyone copying, but it's going different from my other comps in assignment wise. Agh, it's killing me not to tell you! I may start signups tomorrow, since Battle of the Bands is close to being over with. First I need a banner of some sorts, so look out for this week. Not sure how many models I will allow, but I'll go with 10 starting off.

P.S. I have a name, but I'm thinking about it some more. I suck at naming things. I still can't figure out how I thought of Vanity. I think I was listening to a song name that actually. xD

Ah wonderful, a new glitch to add to my fustration!

What it should look like:
This happen after using moveobjects on and then clicking tab a couple times. Not sure if it's the cheat or my game just acting funky, but ugh why???!

Saturday, March 5, 2011

Eternity of the Damned -Chapter 5-

Note: People who never read the book, will need to read my little note here. xD Daniel in the book is the guy who interviewed Louis. After leaving the hotel they had the interview at, he went to go find Lestat. Well in the book he runs into Armand instead! Armand kinda stalks him basically and Daniel is always tries escape him. They have hate/love type of thing. I will go into their odd relationship as it goes on. lol 

Also Lestat and Louis are not in this one. Next chapter they will be. They got cut at the last minute. lol I hope you enjoy this anyway.

-Chapter 5: Armand's Return-
"Armand?" he said turning around to greet the raven hair vampire. The immortal had been stalking him for a few years now. Most people would be terrified to have vampire among them, but was this pretty normal for Daniel Molloy. He had became accustomed to the sight of him, but seeing him now was surprising. He often went for quite awhile without seeing him and it had only been a month  since his last visit. So soon and the fact he was in his freshly new apartment already was astounding. "How the heck did he find out where I live already? How did he get in?", he thought. Armand simply smiled and walked over to him looking around.

Friday, March 4, 2011

I got a cool new set for the weekend thanks to Hippie!

Just in case you didn't see my comment, I just want to say THANK YOU!!!!!!! I LOVE IT!!!!!! I was dying to have that set and to get it so soon and as a gift means so much to me!!!!!

As a anime fan, this is so perfect for me. *sobs*
glomp Pictures, Images and Photos
I really need to get some points to gift and buy my own. Seriously.

As for the weekend announcements, the next chapter of my story will be a little late tonight. Sorry. My fault! >_<

Miss Simiverse Assignment 8 pic + Scores

Teen angst

Thursday, March 3, 2011

Nooo! WTH?! (real life mumbo jumbo)

I just got a jury summon/jury duty in the mail! FFS I'm only 21! Could they have waited a few years? I'm not going be able do this. I was on mock jury for school and literally fell asleep, because it's beyond boring. I don't even have a vehicle to drive myself there or money to get there at the moment. I know I'm going have too, but why so f'ing soon? It's not fair!!!!!! They have people who love this stuff! Get them to go!

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

SR is leaving for good?!

If your wondering why SR blog is on private, SR is leaving and most likely it's permanent. He won't say why, but it's for personal reason I assume. I would have posted his screenshots of his goodbye thread, but the bastards at EA deleted it.

I feel depressed. No Mares, now SR is leaving! He always made me smile with his post and blog. We lost yet another talented funny blogger. He was doing so well with his cc and in my comp too.

He will be definitely missed here and by everyone in the simming community!

Your comp addict has thought of a new comp!

Damn! I was so close to taking a break, but with Dark's comp and Em's new comp coming I might as well throw the idea of a break out the window! Vanity will be going on hiatus, but Battle of the Bands Cycle 2 and the new comp are next. Going kinda rotate them till I retire one of them.

As for the new comp, Dark and Em will NOT be able to resist. Bwhahahah! Will be based on anime and manga, so get your anime inspired sims ready! Going be different and hopefully fun. I'm pretty obessed with the idea of it, so I can't let it go. Be coming very soon. ;)

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

OMG!!!! Today marks a year for this blog!

I knew it was March, but I had no idea today was the day I created and posted on this blog. Wow!!!! It's been really a year? It does feel like it's been forever, but a year?!

My first post was here! Aha wasn't much to the blog at first, but I was getting into the groove of it. So today is Vidkid20's Sim lair's birthday! :D

It does feel bittersweet that a certain blog isn't around to help celebrate, but it's still pretty awesome!

Well this a good time to say I will be fiddling with tags of this blog and making them a little more interesting and easier find things. This might happen doing tonight or tomorrow.

Anyway, 643 post and we're still here!!!! Take that trolls!!!
LOLcat Pictures, Images and Photos

Also Happy Birthday to DoodleSam!!!! :)
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