Monday, March 7, 2011

Going to make some sims for my new comp...

Anime sims of course! May need make a male one as don't have any male anime sims. I can't say much about it as don't want anyone copying, but it's going different from my other comps in assignment wise. Agh, it's killing me not to tell you! I may start signups tomorrow, since Battle of the Bands is close to being over with. First I need a banner of some sorts, so look out for this week. Not sure how many models I will allow, but I'll go with 10 starting off.

P.S. I have a name, but I'm thinking about it some more. I suck at naming things. I still can't figure out how I thought of Vanity. I think I was listening to a song name that actually. xD


  1. I absolutely have to be a part of this, can I pre-reserve in case I don't see it tomorrow? ;)

  2. lol I just saw this comment after thinking about if I should reserve you a spot.

    Most def. xD


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