Thursday, March 31, 2011

Possible projects?

Since I have nothing to add tonight accept comp stuff, I will tell you what've been thinking about doing lately with sims.

I'm really thinking about going back and trying my hand at building again. Making a night club would be kinda awesome.

I also want to make a new band or re-do the band I have already with the new clothes I got recently.

As for my own entries in comps, so far my brain has been completely dead for comp pics. It's driving me nuts! So I will not be joining anymore comps or making any new comps/cycles till I get a bit of break. Hopefully I get some ideas for the two I'm in.

Also get ready for male smexyness as I've been wanting to get back into CAS and make some hotties! ;)

This is kinda my to-do list. xD

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