Wednesday, March 2, 2011

SR is leaving for good?!

If your wondering why SR blog is on private, SR is leaving and most likely it's permanent. He won't say why, but it's for personal reason I assume. I would have posted his screenshots of his goodbye thread, but the bastards at EA deleted it.

I feel depressed. No Mares, now SR is leaving! He always made me smile with his post and blog. We lost yet another talented funny blogger. He was doing so well with his cc and in my comp too.

He will be definitely missed here and by everyone in the simming community!


  1. Hmm...wonder if he will turn his entries in for SIFF?

    Sucks to see him go, but maybe that's what he needs for the time being. =\

  2. ^I think he said something about coming back for that.

    Wish he could stay, but yeah maybe it's best :(

  3. Dammit WHY IS EVERYONE LEAVING?!?!?! First Mares, now SimRomanov? D:

  4. Sorry just remembered this.
    And EA, the NERVE they have to delete his thread! I suppose there are too many so-and-so's creating threads to say goodbye, but SR is NOT one of them!

  5. ^EA are morons. I really see nothing wrong with a goodbye thread. I really hope he didn't get banned for that. Be the icing on the cake. :/

    I know everyone is leaving and good people who make the community fun of all things. :(

  6. It's a shame that all the decent people are leaving or in some cases have already left.
    I lurk the forums a little these days and shake my head at, or get extremely annoyed with the people who are still there.
    Here's to hoping that whatever has caused SR to stop blogging,gets worked out and he comes back soon.

  7. Isn't it weird all sims blogs are closing?

  8. SR is leaving?? D:
    i always liked him, what a shame and a terrible blow to the simmerverse :(

  9. I am really sorry, I am here today and March 15th for SIFF, but other than that I'm gone, Vid I sent you a message on Simians, I'm sorry I am not able to say goodbye to all of you.

  10. I saw. Sent you a pm back. *hugs*


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