Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Not much to blog about and we all know why...

With Mare gone and the forum already dying a slow death, I haven't been really been interested in lurking outside of the modeling section anymore. Hate them or love them, Mare made the already somewhat dead forums a little less dead. They made you take interest in the forums and made you curious to what would be on their blog next. You almost had to be on the forums, so you could predict what would they blog about today. Am I right?

Sorry if my blog hasn't been the most interesting read lately, but the forum is pratically dead. I remember the days when it was always something going on and Mare was just starting. Back then you didn't need blogs to keep up the interest, but EA has f'ed up so much there, they killed it basically. Mare was that last little resort from the bordom and now we don't even have them now, so what's left? Nothing really.

Eventually I'm going try doing Mare thing and reporting news again in my own little way. Hopefully that will fill the void till or if they come back. I think we should all try to make the forums interesting again, even it's post here or there. You gotta admit Mare was like our 11 o'clock news to the simming world. It's just not the same.

Sorry this turned into Mare ramblings, but it's pretty much why I loss interest in the forums right now. :(

I haven't got anything done today. I think I will try use the little time I have tonight for comp stuff and taking pics of my new sims for upload. Goodnight all!


  1. That's actually a good way to put it: TS3's little 11 o'clock news xD I miss 'em too. Blerg.
    Nightie night Vid :3

  2. I'm gonna have to disagree with you Vid. I've basically avoided talking about the Mares and their making their blog private. I would go do something else most times if anyone was talking about it. Don't get me wrong. I miss the Mares in the sense that I miss talking to them more than I miss their blog, even if that was a fun read. But I also had a feeling that something would happen. I felt worried when I had no idea why.

    And the Mares did draw interest to fan sites and blogs, and they did draw interest to the Official Forums. Thing is, you can't rely on 3 people to make something interesting for you. You have to be interested or it's not fun.

    If you want to know what's going on with another fan site, blog or the official forums, sign up, follow or take an active interest in the forums.

    If you start threads or comment in other people's threads than it's not so boring or dead anymore. It becomes a thriving community.

    I haven't stopped doing what I do. I still post on a regular basis, and I am branching to other areas and not just GD or Sims and Modelling.

    If I see something that is worth mentioning or enough is enough, then I will blog it. Actually, I have one I was putting off. I'm not replacing the Mares, because no one can, but I will blog something that either interests/disgusts me on the forums.

    Anyway, that's just my honest opinion Vid. :)

  3. :o what happened to my post? I'd type it all out again but I have to go to work. I did take a screen *Whew*, so I'll just post that for now >.<

  4. No need to apologize for your "Mare rambling", as you call it. Ramble as much as you need to.
    You still feel bad and that's ok. It will get better with time.

  5. Blogger put your comment in the spam folder. :/ I retrived it though.

    I miss them more than their blog, but I also miss their blog as well. The blog had been around so long, I began rely on them. I can't pay attention to every blog and forum so yes I did begin to rely them in that sense.

    It is a slow process of getting back to when their was no Mare's Nest. I always knew this would happen though and had pretty much the same feelings you had. This post was suppose to be about the fact I had hard time forcusing on the forums period, but Mare became the subject as they often sparked my interest when I started to drift away from the forums. I have hard time making threads interesting when EA has already perma banned me once for nothing, so that is probably my own fault of losing interest.

    I know very well no can replace that blog. I should of been more clear last night. I meant to going back to how this blog was with posting funny things I saw on the forums. When Mares wasn't putting someone on blast about being a bumnugget, they were making funny post. If started going all Mare Nest on people, I would have shut down comments and my c-box, so I won't be replacing them at all.

  6. I'm totally with Em on this one.

    I honestly haven't even noticed them gone. Sure I hope everything is well and nothing went wrong with someones health or something....but it's been quite nice, no one has been fighting, everyone hasn't been getting in everyone elses business etc.

    Not everyone updates everyday so I find lurking blogs easy, I use my own blog's blog reel to visit everyone and comment on stuff I find interesting or have something to add to.

    I usually only hang around Sims and Modeling, but even there there's been some just have to lurk more than just your own competition threads lol

    Being active in the community is the key to having something to post about, not second hand information from someone elses blog

  7. First off, this was not a post to debate. This was just me rambling late last night and Mare popped into my head. I should of kept to myself maybe.

    Secondly, I left comments on as I was not expecting to go into a deep conversation about how I feel and what I should be doing to get back interested in the forums.

    Thridly, I do plan getting back into the forums no matter if Mare is around or not.

    Do I sound annoyed? Yes, because if had posted about my new comp last night instead no one would of commented, but throw Mare in and everyone got a opinion!

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