Saturday, March 12, 2011

A proper post saying it's time for a break...

I apologize for my actions of the last few days. Everyone who is still following and still enjoy having me as part of the simming community don't deserve my last post. You deserve a proper post thanking you for making this blog what it is today. Thank you for following me and thank you those who still think positive of me.

Everyone who have express their anger about my blogging thank you for your criticism. Anything else you wish to say to me, you can contact me privately. I will not be doing anymore mud slinging as I had enough of all that. I'm stressed as it is.

I have done all the apologizing that wanted to do and when I come back, I hope you can still enjoy my present and blog as before.

I will be deleting my last post as I find it slightly embarrassing now. That was raw build up emotion that was a bit much. >_<

As for the post I overreacted, it will be still seen as I have nothing to hide.

When I feel like returning is my own decision. The blog will remain up as is now. Thank you.

P.S. Also welcome back Mare!!!!!!!!!! I saw last night and almost fell out my chair.


  1. Welcome back, vid! :) Take all the time you need and some of us will still be here when you decide to return.

    I would also like to say "Welcome back, Mare!" You guys were very much missed by some of us!

  2. Welcome back vid. :)

    Welcome back Mare. :)

  3. I was like: Woah... I wasn't invited? That's harsh! lol I always enjoy reading your posts, Vid. Thank you for reenabling my account here.

  4. You are always welcome here. :) Hopefully that will be the last time I do that. >_<

    *hugs Hippie, Shyne, and Cat*

    Taking a break, but I'll be around. At least I'm in a better mood.

  5. I would just like to say.....

    Yay!!!! Welcome back! *dances like no one is watching* =P

  6. Also Mare if your reading, don't feel bad and don't blame yourself. I'm still around so no worries. :)

  7. Vid, I don't visit here often, and sometimes I completely disagree with some things you post, but this is your blog, and you can post what you like. I don't think you should feel like you need to apologize for anything, blogs are here for us to let out our emotion :) I'm glad to see you back though.

  8. Vid, I haven't been around this week cause I was sick also had to cover all the shop hours myself.

    So, I missed whatever it was that's upset you. I know I've dissappointed you in the past, but I just wanted to say that I think you're great and a wonderful asset to the sims community. I would miss you if you did not come around.

    Your creativity inspires me along with others. I've been loving your recent posts about your vampire family and your pics always make me smile.

    You're a shinning star and sometimes that can make people jealous or uncomfortable and so they pick at you. I'm sorry that happens you don't deserve that.

    I hope you take your break ( I can say first hand, they are good things to have) and when you come back, you'll shine brighter then ever.

    In the mean time, just try to be good to yourself, feel whatever you feel and don't judge yourself for those feelings.

  9. I agree with Evie. Fuck everyone else, this is your e-home lol

  10. Hang in there Vidkid! I was worried when your blog was down, glad to see you are back. :)

  11. Glad to see that you aren't going to let this get you down, enjoy your break mate :)

  12. Welcome back! :) And sorry again for my little outburst before, too.

    I hope everything goes smoothly now! :)

  13. Aw thank you Evie!

    Aw Seren, you are so sweet! I'm really happy you've been enjoying my post. :) We all have dissapointing moments (I know I have), so dont worry about it. I'm very happy to see that your feeling better from your break. Your comments always me smile. *hugs*

    lol Shyne

    Hi Donnafelipe and Poida! Thank you guys.
    Oh and Poida I really need to stop by your blog more. Meant to leave a comment the other day.>_<

    @AT95 Aw no worries and yea me too. >_< Thanks. :)

    *phew* Is that everybody? xD

  14. One good thing about the Mares going AWOL is that I've actually starting following (and enjoying) a few other blogs... yours being one of them! Hang in there!

  15. Well played Miss. Vidkid, well played ;D

  16. well i must have totaly missed whatever happend. ive been more or less completely sucked into the game i have been playing. im sorry to see you upset tho viddy. i came on here to post a hello to you and saw this post and now im worried. i hope everything is ok. (hugs)

  17. I just saw that The Mares have returned! :'D I'm actually really happy. I missed them. :(

    Come back to blogging soon Vidkid, the Sims world is not the same without you! :O

  18. Awww Zeri and Wolfie! *hugs* Don't worry about me. Coming back very soon. ;)


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