Friday, March 4, 2011

Miss Simiverse Assignment 8 pic + Scores

Teen angst

Comments: I don’t think I would consider her angry, but she does look a bit depressed. The running mascara helps. I can’t get a sense of where she is, as the background doesn’t offer much beyond the fact that it is run down. I’d also would have liked to see more of her boyfriend. Other than that, you did capture her teen angst wonderfully.

I have no ideas what I'm doing for the finale, but I will play around in CAS this weekend and come up with something. 5 pics! I guess I can do it. ;^_^

P.S. I found another way to get her to sit on the floor. Had her go to sit down and play video games on the floor. Then I moved her to the spot I wanted. Just make sure no chair are around and to move him/her before the he/she actually starts playing. :P

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