Monday, March 28, 2011

I haz returned!!!

I wanted to get all the modeling stuff involving just my entries out the way, so thats why I posted them first.

Anyway, I'm back to blog, rant, complain, have blowups, and leave again. lol Yes, that was a joke at my own suspense. I will not be talking about anything that happened around the time this blog went private. It's been talked about, blogged about, and just beaten to death since I left. I said I was wrong, I apologized, lets move on. Lets not beat a dead horse as the saying goes.  (Sorry I could not resist. Blame Hippie for this gif)

Now I won't blog all the time, but I plan on getting back into blogging like before. Remember, I'm human and I do stupid stuff all the time. I will probably put my foot in mouth again soon. I will apologize if needed and get over it. If you can't, tough cookies!

I'm just warning you now if you are touchy, get easily annoyed, or just can't stand me, please piss off now and get a damn tissue for your tears! Back to work!!!!

P.S. I will still do my vampire story by the way. Just give me a min to get back into the swing of things. Been about 2 weeks?

Edit: Oh thank you to all who commented, worried about me, and still <3 me! I <3 you too my peeps!


  1. Welcome back vid.
    Don't let the easily offended, lecturers or opinionated people stop you from posting what you want.

  2. Hi there!! You don't know how much I've stalked this blog waiting and hiding. :D (in a nin creeoy way?)
    Glad your back and anxiously awaiting more vampires. :)

  3. ^xD If it's you stalking I don't mind. *glomps*

    Thanks guys.:D

  4. See I was just stalking!! lol I tend do that. XD

  5. Welcome back, Vid! :'D Just jumping on the bandwagon here to say that I missed you, too! xD lol Bandwagons... WTH is a bandwagon, anyway? o_O

  6. Welcome back. Good to see you again. :)

  7. We didn't come here looking for trouble,
    We just came to do the Vidkid20 shuffle!

    Boom-ch, ch-ch-ch, boom! Boom-ch, ch-ch-ch, boom!


  8. And we'll be having words about Hippiedippie advocating the beating of horses, dead or otherwise.


  9. Aw guys! I didn't know I was so missed. Cat, Fire, Gormar, AE, Zeri, Wolfie, galateacoolcat, Poida, Mares. *glomps* <3

    lol Wolfie. I never thought about it. Hmmm...bandwagons? 0_o

    @Mares Wooo I have a dance! *shuffles*
    ROFL Hippie is bad influence. Poor dead horses. At least they didn't feel anything. ;D Ty for making lol literally!

  10. Good to see you back, Vid :)


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