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Eternity of the Damned -Chapter 5-

Note: People who never read the book, will need to read my little note here. xD Daniel in the book is the guy who interviewed Louis. After leaving the hotel they had the interview at, he went to go find Lestat. Well in the book he runs into Armand instead! Armand kinda stalks him basically and Daniel is always tries escape him. They have hate/love type of thing. I will go into their odd relationship as it goes on. lol 

Also Lestat and Louis are not in this one. Next chapter they will be. They got cut at the last minute. lol I hope you enjoy this anyway.

-Chapter 5: Armand's Return-
"Armand?" he said turning around to greet the raven hair vampire. The immortal had been stalking him for a few years now. Most people would be terrified to have vampire among them, but was this pretty normal for Daniel Molloy. He had became accustomed to the sight of him, but seeing him now was surprising. He often went for quite awhile without seeing him and it had only been a month  since his last visit. So soon and the fact he was in his freshly new apartment already was astounding. "How the heck did he find out where I live already? How did he get in?", he thought. Armand simply smiled and walked over to him looking around.

"Where have you been? I was worried," Armand said roaming over to the window to look out.

"No where really. Drinking...." 

Armand looked over at him and seem to be deep in thought. He then suddenly came over to Daniel with such a speed that Daniel jumped. He placed his hands on his face and looked deeply to his eyes.
"Don't do that! Can't you talk to me without reading my mind?!"

"But your hiding something from me! I can tell!" he growled, resting his hands on Daniel shoulders now.
Daniel looked down trying to think of something else. Whenever he tried to hide something, Armand always peered into his thoughts without permission. He had learned make it harder for him, but the influence of alcohol had made this pretty impossible. He wondered if he had saw the faces of Lestat and Louis in his thoughts. He wasn't ready to get into conversation about them at all that night or any night.

Armand luckily for him had abandon his mind reading and looked at Daniel with concern now.
"Have you been at the bar all night? Is that where you went? You do reek of alcohol!"
"Yeah, is that a problem? Why on earth are you here?"

"Checking up on you!" He stared intensely at him again and Daniel wonder if he was prying again, but the vampire frowned shaking his head in disgust. "You need to stop drinking. Do you expect me to keep you alive for the rest of your life?"

"Make me a vampire and you won't have to worry about me!" Daniel found himself growing angry and the alcohol giving him courage.

"I refuse. You know that. I know your drunk, but don't be stupid."

"You tease me with immortality every time you come here. Why keep me alive if your going eventually kill me?"

Armand looked at him slightly shocked, but annoyed. Daniel found himself regretting his words almost immediately. With a flash Daniel found himself pinned to the wall and the vampire staring angrily at his face. Armand looked him up and down as if seizing his prey. "Let's change the subject. What are you hiding from me?" he suddenly spoke so clam, that it was almost frighting. Daniel could still feel his nails digging into his chest and struggled to find the words.

"Nothing. Honest." Armand chuckled and Daniel could smell the scent of blood on his breath. A few minutes pass as Armand waited for for his mortal companion to crack. Beads of sweat were dripping from Daniel brow and he consider confessing, but the vampire pouted and backed away. "Fine. Be that way..."

He sat down on Daniel bed, smiling again. Only this time it was a evil grin and the vampire seem to be excited. Chills went down Daniel's spine. "Hmm....I think I want see how long you can keep a secret from me anyway." It will be a little game my dear Daniel. Yes, a game!"
"A game?" Daniel didn't like the sound of that and part of him wish he could escape through the window somehow."For the meantime I think I'll stay here for awhile. This place is small, but it will have to make due. Now come here and accept part of your "punishment". You brought it on yourself for refusing to tell me anything."

He then got up and grab Daniel by the arm. Before he could struggle, Daniel found himself in the vampire's embrace.
He felt his neck, wishing he had never came home tonight. "Oh why me?" he thought as fangs sink into his already aching neck.


  1. Ok, I think I'm finish editing. Wasn't that bad at all this time, but being that I'm late I did rush to post it. >_<

    Hope you like it. Lestat and Louis can't be the focus all the time. xD

  2. Yes they can be ;) and love the chappie Vid ^.^

  3. :D I knew I was missing something over my Spring Break!! <3

    I think I'll post somr pictures of Antonio's babies. :)

  4. ^Hehe I'm sure he made some cute kids. :)


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