Monday, March 28, 2011

Vampire the Masquerade: Bloodlines Assignment 1+ Scores

10/10 Creativity
10/10 Clan Representation
10/10 Relates to the assignment

8/10 Overall Picture
5/5 Masquerade
Total: 43/45
Comments: Absolutely stunning picture! I really struggled to find fault with it which is certainly a good thing. I gave you an 8 for overall picture only because your model’s face was somewhat hidden by her hair and the guy on the left wasn’t really doing anything. Really though I had to be quite nitpicky about it. Great job!

I turned it in first! Agh! I was hoping to get first or place, but it didn't happen. Ah well. Still did good! One of my extras was being such a waste of space, but meh. He will never model again!!! xD As for the hair, someone did mention the hair being her face. Guess I should of listen to them. >_<

I still think I did awesome though. Seriously, one of my favorite comp pics! So gory and cool!!! :P

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